When books become your favourite companions, you will get more than just a friend.

You will get an explorer so you may travel to many worlds, real and imaginary. A teacher to impart knowledge. A guru for wisdom. A confidant who will share secrets so you can make peace with yours. A doctor to heal. A joker for laughs. A coach to give wings to your dreams. A parent to hold you while you cry. A leader to inspire. A waterman to quench your thirst, and a chef to whet your appetite. An adult so you may grow. And a child so you never lose your innocence, your sense of wonder, and your desire for adventure.

But books don’t necessarily need to be anyone. They can just be their own selves: repositories of stories to enrich your lives with.

Whatever they are, they matter. And you will not know till they become an intrinsic part of your existence. It’s never too late to start. All you have to do is tell yourself the magic words: It is #TimeToRead.