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Where do we deliver?
Anywhere within India at no extra charge. Overseas subscriptions can be serviced with additional delivery costs.

Don’t like the book we have sent or have already read it?
Such subscriptions usually work on a no-exchange policy. Why don’t you consider gifting the book further if you don’t want it for any reason? But we are reasonable people – talk to us if you are still dissatisfied.

Can you cancel the subscription?
Yes, anytime. We will refund any amount left over after covering costs of items already shipped. But we are super-sure that not only will you not cancel, but you will also recommend Kunzum Book of the Month to others.

Can you change your preferences of books during your subscription?
Of course. If there is a difference in costs, we will either refund you or you can pay extra as the case might be.

When can you expect the books to reach?
We will usually ship during the first week of every month – delivery time will be 2-4 working days. There may be instances when a new book or special edition is coming out later in the month – we will wait till then to send you the book.