We travelled the world. Now we want to take care of it.

Because the planet matters – above everything else.

About Kunzum

Ajay Jain travelled. To discover stories. And publish them on Kunzum. In the form of books, photographs, videos and blogs.

On a road trip to the desolate, high altitude desert region of Spiti in the Indian Himalayas in 2007, Ajay thought he had lost his way – till he came upon the spectacular Kunzum La (pass). He found the direction to his destination, and towards his true calling in life. He thus defines himself as a traveller, author, photographer and journalist.

It has been one memorable journey since then for Ajay. He has written scores of books (print and electronic), exhibited his photographs, and delivered talks and narrated stories at forums across the world. He expanded his portfolio of writings to include not just travel but fiction, marketing, branding and personal development.

He also founded the popular Kunzum Travel Café in 2010 as a hub for travellers – but it evolved into a space for all forms of creativity including films, poetry, writing, art, theatre, music, photography and more. All over a cuppa of coffee where guests are allowed to pay what they like. Yes, there is no menu, no bill.

Welcome to Kunzum – let’s share stories. Over coffee.

There is More to Kunzum Now

We are on an endless journey – literally and metaphorically – of discovery and adventure, always willing and keen to try new things.

#GreenDioxide: Perhaps the most important item on our agenda – doing our bit for the environment and the planet. By using the power of journalism, films and social media to mobilise communities to move the needle.

Publishing: If you have an idea for a book, we are willing to consider your proposals / manuscripts for publishing. You can even warm up by writing articles for Kunzum. Head to the Kunzum Shop to browse through our current portfolio of books.

Films / Documentaries: We are willing co-producers and can arrange funding for filmmakers out to entertain, inform or to bring about a change!

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Email: stories@kunzum.com