How Kunzum Works

We are ideas people! And that’s how we thought of Kunzum. That’s why our tagline reads: “It’s the Way You Think.” But new concepts sometimes need to be explained – so here’s a note on how Kunzum works.

We are a bookshop
That’s what we essentially do – we sell books of all kinds. Not academic or technical ones, but for general reading.

We are building a community
Kunzum is a place where readers, authors, designers, editors and publishers come together for the love of books – a community like no other.

Join us in our events
We love events – our spaces are designed to host the same. Book launches and discussions, workshops (writing, blogging, photography, filmmaking and more), music gigs, poetry slams, stand-up comics, storytelling, films, debates – it all happens at Kunzum. Contact us if you want to book a place for events.

Sign up for our book clubs
We are build micro-communities around book clubs moderated by authors, editors and other book lovers. Each will have their unique format and identity. Join the ones of your interest.

We also have super clubs like the CEO Book Club, Book Bees (for children) and Q List (LGBTQ+ themed) just to highlight a few.

Smell the coffee but we are not a full-service café
We serve freshly brewed coffee in a French Press and offer a selection of teas – served with our secret signature brownie cookies. It’s on the house – when you purchase a book. You cannot pay for the coffee – you read that correct! We do not claim to or intend to set up a full service café – we sell books, not coffee, muffins, sandwiches etc.

When you make a purchase, we gift you a coffee / tea coupon. You can use it on the same day or within three months of issue.

We are not a library or reading room
We have designed stores that tempt one to lounge and read – and that’s what we want you to do. Over coffee. But it’s only for reading books you have purchased from Kunzum.

We do have pre-loved books to borrow
Each outlet has shelves with pre-loved books. You may borrow one with every four new books you purchase. Keep it for as long as you want, and come back to exchange for another. No further purchases are necessary. In other words, it will work like a free library membership for life.

We opened the first outlet in March 2022 – and another four by June 2022
That’s right – we got into this business with a bang! We launched with five outlets – and hope to eventually expand nationally and even internationally. Check our current locations!

What happened to Kunzum Travel Café in Hauz Khas Village?
Those who know us from before know of our iconic outlet in HKV in New Delhi – we opened it in 2010 and had to go into lockdown mode like everyone else in March 2020. But we are back in a new avatar – the original outlet has also been redesigned as a bookshop!

11 thoughts on “How Kunzum Works”

  1. Sounds like a super place to be in. You buy a book , sip your coffee and lounge in an elegant book- lined room. For as long as you like? What more could you want???

  2. As a 16 year old writer, this feels like a safe space to talk about my favorite books. Do you also publish stories? How can I sign up?

  3. I am a self published author.

    My Book: Miracles Over a Cup of Cappuccino.

    I need to know the process of how I can place my Book in Kunzum Cafes.

    Cheers & Best,



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