Kunzum CEO Book Club

Kunzum CEO Book Club

All leaders are readers...

...Former US President Harry S Truman may have said this but we know that anyway.

And thus the Kunzum CEO Book Club. Where we invite leaders to talk about books that have shaped them, inspired them, educated them, entertained them. If books have contributed to the vision for the work they do, then we want to partner with them so others within their organizations read more to proactively contribute to and be aligned to the same.

As readership expands, it would also shape the culture and character of society and individuals – making this a better world to live in.

Possible when CEOs lead the way!


Who is the Kunzum CEO Book Club for?

Leaders we look up to: not just chief executives of corporate entities, but other senior management in business, startups, non-profits and public service, politics, bureaucracy and administration, creatives and more.

Anyone who hope to gain from interacting with these leaders.

What Can You Expect at the Kunzum CEO Book Club?

Events: Talks and discussions with leaders about books that have made an impact on them.

Book Reading Lists, Recommendations and Reviews by CEOs to be published on Kunzum’s e-zine and social media.

Reading Rooms to be set up within organizations to spread reading culture.

Visits by Authors to organizations to interact with staff.

How CEOs Can Leverage the Partnership With Kunzum

Spread your ideas to a wider audience: Leaders have knowledge and experiences to share – and Kunzum can be one of your platforms for others to gain from.

Take the Book Club to your office: We seed interactions amongst your workers, bringing them closer socially over lively and educational discussions.

Authors and other creators are available to meet your staff. To inspire them to be creative and inventive in everything they do.

Contribute to a wider reading base for societal and individual development. Kunzum can recommend books for you to distribute amongst staff and for corporate gifting. You can thus do your bit in overall cultural enrichment.

Set up Reading Rooms in your office. For staff to borrow and read. Kunzum can curate the same, updating with new titles regularly.