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Great Britain: A Journey by Train

When I was approached by Visit Britain, the national tourism agency of the UK, a few months ago to cover the country’s touristic attractions, both sides were keen to come up with something different. We[Read More…]

by August 31, 2015 Destinations: International

Krakow, Poland – The Best City in Europe?

Of all the cities I have visited in Europe, I would rate Krakow as tops for the overall experience it offers.

by August 28, 2015 Destinations: International, Europe

Travel Blogging Workshop: September 5, 2015, New Delhi

Travel the World for Free: How to be a successful travel blogger / social media influencer and get paid to travel. A Signature Workshop by Ajay Jain: Saturday, September 5, 2015 – Kunzum Travel Café, New[Read More…]

LG G4: A Great Shooter, Good to Hold

If I am going to use a phone as a camera, the form factor becomes important to me. I should be able to handle it well to avoid mistakes. The LG G4 makes a good[Read More…]

by August 5, 2015 photography, Stuff, Travel Photography

Opium: The Weapon of Choice by the British to Defeat the Konyaks of Nagaland

The British could not get the better of the Konyaks in warfare when the former ruled India. To add to their woes, they were a prized catch for the headhunting Konyaks. When force did not[Read More…]

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