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Opium: The Weapon of Choice by the British to Defeat the Konyaks of Nagaland

The British could not get the better of the Konyaks in warfare when the former ruled India. To add to their woes, they were a prized catch for the headhunting Konyaks. When force did not[Read More…]

Do you want the necklaces worn by Konyak Tribals in Nagaland?

Konyaks love colour, their favourites being red, yellow and orange. The Aoling festival flowers are the red Coral Tree flowers, red lilies and yellow orchids.

The Last of Tattooed Faces and Bodies: Konyak Tribe, Mon, Nagaland

When I see tribes of the North-East of India, I cannot help shoot those who sport tattoos and other adornments. They are unique with none like them.

Headhunters of Nagaland – Konyaks Celebrating Aoling Festival | Kunzum TV

How does the Konyak tribe celebrate its annual Aoling festival? Tune in to the above video for a glimpse. To know more about the festival, click here to read my post on the same.

Travel Blogging Workshop: August 8, 2015, New Delhi

Travel the World for Free: How to be a successful travel blogger / social media influencer and get paid to travel. A Signature Workshop by Ajay Jain: Saturday, August 8, 2015 – Kunzum Travel Café, New[Read More…]

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