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Social Media / Digital Marketing for Travel Brands: 4 Module Masterclass – August 2016

Is marketing your travel products and services a challenge? Are you able to get your message across to the desired target audience? Are budgets an issue? If you can master the art and science of[Read More…]

by June 28, 2016 Media Lab, News & Events

TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY: 4 Module Course for Beginners / Amateurs – August 2016

  We all travel, and love to take pictures. Why not improve the quality of your photography and make for memories to cherish for life? You could be a hobbyist, a serious amateur or aspiring[Read More…]

by June 28, 2016 Media Lab, News & Events

TRAVEL BLOGGING: 4 Module Foundation Course – August 2016

Travel the World for Free How to be a successful travel blogger / social media influencer and get paid to travel A Signature Course over 4 weeks by Ajay Jain Travel bloggers are a busy[Read More…]

by June 28, 2016 Media Lab, News & Events

Hotel Review: Meghauli Serai by Taj Safaris, Chitwan, Nepal

No matter how many great hotels I have stayed in, there is always another one waiting to surprise and delight at the same time. The Meghauli Serai by Taj Safaris in Chitwan National Park in[Read More…]

by June 15, 2016 Hotels

Make a difference – nominate your favourite or vote now for the best in nature tourism in India and Nepal

Nominate your enterprise, or vote for your favourite in nature tourism – be it a visitor-friendly park, a great eco-lodge, wildlife cruise or eco-resort, an amazing naturalist or knowledgeable park guide, or a nature, wildlife[Read More…]

by June 14, 2016 Stuff

Coolpad Max: Storage, Storage and More Storage

Even when we are not in connected zones, our mobile stays firmly in our grip when we are travelling. Why? We need it for shooting images. And to listen to music, or to play games,[Read More…]

Coolpad Max: Dividing Device Into Private and Public Spaces

People have started sitting in funny poses. Why? Because of our mobile devices. All kinds of stuff is popping up on our handsets, and we do not want those around us to see some of[Read More…]

Coolpad Max: Shoot, and Then Shoot Some More Travel Pics

No matter what camera manufacturers say, most of us now rely on our mobiles as our primary device for capturing images. Including those shot on holidays. Brands offering good built-in cameras are the ones winning[Read More…]

CoolPad Max: Charge in a Jiffy on the Go

How often are you on the road only to see red on your battery icon of the mobile? Even as you go, “No, no…. please don’t die on me yet” you frantically start looking for[Read More…]

by June 12, 2016 Stuff, Travel Photography, Travel Tech

Scotland, UK: 36 Hours in Glasgow | EXPLORE

For years, I had heard mixed reviews about Glasgow – and was expecting a version of Gotham City. Nothing could be further from the truth – what awaited was a cheerful landscape accentuated by pink[Read More…]