YA Fantasy Books: Duologies that You Need to Get Your Hands On

With mesmerising lovers, burning revenge agendas and razzle-dazzle straight out of a fairytale, these five duologies will transport you to a world where anything is possible within the blink of an eye.

Kunzum’s booksellers also play the role of escapist book readers. Our Community Manager, Khushi, breathes in the otherworldly charm of fantasy—so she had to curate a YA Fantasy reading list for our patrons! Combining slow burn romances, mythologies, monsters, castles and badass characters, the genre creates a spellbinding magical world to lose ourselves in.

Whether its a racy revenge or an impossible mission, the bewitching protagonists in these books will accomplish anything with the power of love and magic. Walk into your nearest bookstore to read them or Whatsapp on +91-8800200268 to order.

A Fantasy Romance Reading List

Hunted By The Sky | Rising Like A Storm by Tanaz Bhathena

Hunted By The Sky / Rising Like A Storm by Tanaz Bhathena

Inspired by Indian and Persian mythology, the Wrath of Ambar duology gives all our favourite fantasy tropes a desi twist as it follows the prophesied star warrior Gul on a quest to bring down King Lohar. Gul’s star-shaped birthmark led to her parents’ murder and all she wants is revenge on the king that killed her family. She meets Cavas and sparks start flying between them. Their bond may be the only way to overcome their kingdom’s tyrannical rule.

The Betrothed | The Betrayed by Kiera Cass

The Betrothed / The Betrayed by Kiera Cass

From the author of the The Selection series, pick up this latest duology for its glittering royal romance. After fleeing the court of Coroa and leaving the memory of her beloved, Hollis is unsteadily adjusting to life with his family. The Eastoffes may have the power to unseat the tyrannical King Quinten, but only with Hollis’s help. Can a girl who’s lost it all put the fate of her adopted homeland over the secret longings of her heart?

Wicked Fox | Vicious Spirits by Kate Cho

Wicked Fox / Vicious Spirits by Kate Cho

Set in modern Seoul, the Gumiho duology has everything a K-drama fan could ask for and more – be it family feuds, supernatural suspense, or a swoon worthy romance. Eighteen-year-old Gu Miyoung has a secret—she’s a gumiho, a nine-tailed fox who must devour the energy of men in order to survive. She meets Miyoung, a human boy, being attacked by a goblin deep in the forest. With murderous forces lurking in the background, they develop a tenuous friendship that blossoms into something more.

Gilded | Cursed by Marissa Meyer

Gilded | Cursed by Marissa Meyer

If the covers and sprayed edges of these books aren’t reason enough to add them to your TBR, then might I tell you that this duology is a young adult retelling of Rumpelstiltskin filled with monsters, gods, ghosts, and castles? Marissa Meyer returns to the fairytale world with this haunting, two-book series in the Gilded Duology. The protagonist, Serilda, finds herself in a grim world where the king has ordered her to complete the impossible task of spinning straw into gold. Desperate, Serilda summons a mysterious boy to her aid, who agrees to help her for a price. In the sequel, Cursed, Serilda and Gild must do everything they can to protect their unborn child. 

Daughter Of The Pirate King | Daughter Of The Siren Queen by Tricia Levenseller

Daughter Of The Pirate King | Daughter Of The Siren Queen by Tricia Levenseller

Craving instant yet high-stakes gratification? Look no more because Tricia Levenseller’s nautical duology covers all bases with a sassy Jack Sparrow-ish heroine and a fast-paced adventure story with pirates, sirens, and ships! When 17 year-old pirate, Alosa, is captured by an enemy ship, her quest for the map is in serious jeopardy—maybe because her captor happens to be the dashingly handsome first mate, Riden.

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