4 Beautiful Editions of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz We Can’t Stop Talking About

Buckle up, buttercup, for we are going to the world of Oz!

Frank Baum’s classic adventure, “The Wizard of Oz,” whisks the readers into a magical land by the clicking of heels. The whole journey is an exciting adventure, right from the moment Dorothy’s little gray house is swept up in the tornado to the encounter with the Witch of the West. This wild ride will have you cheering for Dorothy as she finds her way back home. Along the way, Dorothy meets some amazing companions: a scarecrow who wishes he had a brain, a Tin Woodman who longs to have a heart, and a cowardly lion who lacks some serious courage.

So, hold onto your ruby slippers, for we are about to introduce you to the amazing editions of The Wizard of Oz to choose from at Kunzum.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and The Other Wonderful Books of Oz

Part of Penguin Threads, this series is a set of three beloved classics for both children and adults. Containing three of the fourteen books of the original series, it brings to life the utopian vision of the author. The book is sketched in a traditional manner, with the final covers being hand-stitched. The fully annotated volume taps into Baum’s imagination like no other.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Julia Sarda

This is a gift book edition retold from the perspective of the renowned illustrator, Julia Sarda. Baum’s Classic Tale, celebrating kindness, friendship, and the power of belief, is retold for the next generation of young readers with amazing illustrations. That being said, it’s a true gift for young and old readers alike!

The Wonderful Wizard of the Oz: WW Denslow & John R. Neill

The illustrations of the characters in the series are said to be the most iconic and have become inseparable from Baum’s story. Denslow is said to have worked with Baum to bring the characters to life and, in turn, the legacy of the original fairytale.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Jon Koons

With the timelines of the author and the literary and historical context, this edition brings to light the adventures of the modernized fairytale of Dorothy finding her way back with Toto, her dog. It brings to life some amazing characters we meet, including cheerful Munchkins, the scarecrow, the cowardly lion, the Wizard of Oz, and good witches from the North and South.

Do you have the courage to travel to Oz? Choose your favorite edition today and find out!

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