8 Who Was Series to Bring You Up to Speed on The Pioneers of Science

Hello time travellers, how about we go on a science adventure and meet the trailblazers of science?

Have you ever wondered who were the men and women who were so involved in science that they ended up discovering and creating new things? These men and women were the trailblazers of science who gave us almost everything that we have today in terms of scientific advancements, or provided us the building blocks on which our civilisation rests. Instead of poring over thick books, we have found 8 fantastic books to bring you up to speed on these marvellous men and women and their achievements.

Strap your seat belts, for we are about to time travel!

Who was Madame Curie? by Megan Stine

Madam Curie was a brilliant young girl who loved math and physics. She was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for the discovery of radioactivity. In this detailed and beautifully illustrated book, you will find all there is to know about the amazing discovery and what inspired it.

Who was Isaac Newton? by Janet B. Pascal

How does a simple phenomenon such as the falling of an apple from a tree create history? While gravity is his biggest discovery. The secretive scientist spent most of the years of his life trying to turn ordinary metals into gold. Find out all there is to know about a lonely, friendless boy who turned out to be the greatest genius of all time.

Who was Thomas Alva Edison? by Margaret Frith

Read all about the 6-year-old, ever-curious boy who tried to hatch it by sitting on it on a pile of straw. His prodigy child, who left school at 12, grew up to change the world when he invented the light bulb.

Who was Albert Einstein? by Jess Brallier

Would you believe a student who was kicked out of school for being a terrible one became the most brilliant man humankind has ever known? Learn all about the peace-loving guy with really crazy hair whose brain traveled in all directions even after his death!

Who was Charles Darwin? by Deborah Hopkins

Charles Darwin loved to stay at home, but he chose to sail the world for 5 years despite being seasick to observe life and figure out its origin. In his lifetime, when everyone believed in Noah’s Ark, he dedicated his life to finding the truth. Darwin started a revolution of thought with his theory of evolution. However, what inspired him to start such a radical idea? Discover all about it in his illustrated book.

Who was Leonardo da Vinci? by Roberta Edwards

Leonardo da Vinci was a lonely boy who grew up to be an inventor, musician, engineer, scientist, and painter of the world-famous Mona Lisa. What makes him stand out among the extraordinary? Unveil answers to these questions through this inspiring book.

Who was Galileo? by Patricia Brennan Demuth

Did you know there was a time when people believed the sun revolved around the earth? The father of modern science, Galileo, proved otherwise. However, society was infuriated and did not welcome this idea with open arms. So much so that the astronomer was put under house arrest for them. Read more about the man who “roamed the heavens with his telescope” and put his life at stake to reveal the truth.

Who was Stephen Hawking? by Jim Gigliotti

The ever-curios little boy who did not fear putting things apart despite not knowing how to put them back. All that mattered to him was to understand how different parts worked. In his teenage years, he moved on to bigger things, like the universe itself. He made it his life’s purpose to figure it all out! Through this book, ponder the biggest questions about the universe: How did it all begin? Where is it going? Will it ever end?

Fascinating, right? These are only the tips of the iceberg. We have so much more for you about the pioneers of science at Kunzum Books to discover and explore! Join us for an afternoon of fun and adventure. Let’s travel in time together!

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