Top 7 Non-Fiction Bestsellers from May 2024

From the hottest (we hope) month of the year comes a sizzling list of non-fiction bestsellers, inspired by what Kunzumwallahs were grabbing and devouring during the scorching summer of May. Picking out the best 7 from what flew off our shelves, this list is positively bursting with variety, containing Patterson’s account of the secret lives of booksellers as well as McCartney’s soft Little Book of Sloth Philosophy 🙂 Come, find your next best read!

Knife by Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie’s hotly awaited memoir is here and it’s everything you needed if not more. Published in 2024, it’s a harrowing and deeply personal account of the 2022 attack, the latest assassination attempt and one that claimed his eye. Reliving the stabbing in vivid detail, the memoir stretches beyond the boundaries of its genre, including innovative inclusions such as the imagined conversation the author has with his young assailant, discussing everything from The Princess Bride to the fatwa. An exploration of the aftermath of violence, detailing the tumultuous journey of physical as well as emotional recovery, Knife is also a meditation on art, the politics of free speech, love, and the power of literature to make sense of tragedy. Reflecting on his life as a writer, Rushdie’s memoir is marked by his signature wit and stands to be a testament to his imagination.

The Anthology of Balaji by Eric Jorgenson

A book that offers the ability to affect major change within the contemporary world, from starting a billion-dollar company to building a nation (?!), Jorgenson’s The Anthology of Balaji attempts to be an authoritative ‘Guide to Technology, Truth, and Building the Future’, composed of the writings of Balaji Srinivasan, a thought leader in technology and entrepreneurship. Compiled by Eric Jorgenson, the book collects and comprehensively presents Balaji’s insights on how technology is shaping the present and future. It delves into critical thinking in a world full of information, offering ideas and tools that’d facilitate all navigation of an unknown and technologically enabled future. By understanding technology’s potential and cultivating independent thought, The Anthology of Balaji empowers its readers to build a better future, whatever it means for each.

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson

This book was highly recommended by one Anku Warikoo, specifically for those in their 30s and 40s, even as the benefits of the book appear to be open to all. Not your typical self-help book, The Almanack is a collection of wisdom and advice from entrepreneur and investor Naval Ravikant, rejecting all get-rich-quick shenanigans and offering, instead, a sobered near-philosophical approach to life. Ravikant implores us to define and build our wealth through long-term thinking, developing skills, and pursuing the work we love. Happiness is re-imagined as something that must be practised and not awaited, a skill instead of a state. Through self-awareness and regulation as well as the minimisation of external desires, individuals can harness the skill and practice that is happiness. If you’re looking for thought-provoking ideas to guide your path to a fulfilling life, The Almanack of Naval Ravikant might be for you.

The Secret Lives of Booksellers & Librarians by James Patterson

Taking you to the secret world of booksellers and librarians, Patterson’s deeply enlightening book portrays them as more than the people who shelve books. Showcasing booksellers as detectives, matchmakers, and even superheroes who use their knowledge and passion for reading to create connections, spark imaginations, and maybe even change lives, The Secret Lives celebrates these underrated literary heroes, the value of their knowledge as well as the magic they create by connecting readers with perfect stories. An ode to spaces that hold books and the people who facilitate our interactions with them, Patterson’s is a critically acclaimed love letter to the art and significance of the bookseller and book lender.

The Creative Act by Rick Rubin

Written by American Record producer, the guy who produced acts such as the Beastie Boys, Metallica, Johnny Cash, Aerosmith and Linkin Park to name a few, The Creative Act is a guide to fostering your creative potential. It argues that creativity isn’t just for artists, but a vital part of life. Emphasising the importance of open-mindedness, Rubin asks his readers to approach creativity and creation as a way of being, rather than just aiming for a specific outcome. A compilation of practical advice based on the insights he gained in his lifelong career within the industry as well as the experience of working with iconic artists, Rubin’s is a meditation on the essence of creativity. 

I Want to Die But I Want to Eat Tteokbokki by Baek Se-hee

When Baek Sehee started recording her sessions with her psychiatrist, she hoped to create a reference for herself. What she never expected was its far-reaching value, with the book becoming a runaway bestseller in South Korea, Indonesia, and the U.S., reaching a community of young readers who appreciated the gentle honesty and ease with which the book approached subjects of depression and anxiety. Chronicling Baek’s struggle with dysthymia, a milder form of chronic depression, this sequel focuses on the author’s challenging experiences in treatment, reaching out to all those for whom grappling with everyday despair is part of a lifelong project. A tender, intimate and moving read for all interested in the process of therapy and the work required within, I Want to Die But I Want to Eat Tteokbokki is an excellent book whose value cannot be understated.

Little Book of Sloth Philosophy by Jennifer McCartney

Self-help and life philosophy that isn’t overbearing, wordy or “formal”, McCartney’s collection of little books is for cute people who are looking for guidance and affirmation in a cute loveable parcel. From the bestselling author of The Joy of Leaving Your S*** All Over The Place, a woman proficient in good titles and even better books, comes The Little Book of Sloth Philosophy, a book that calls out to the inner sloth in you and celebrates the laid-back lifestyle of these chilled-out creatures. An antidote to the pressure to be productive and happy all the time, this embracing of the sloth mindset is written in the spirit of mindfulness, recognising sloths as masters of slowing down and appreciating the simple things. A humorous guide to life and living, McCartney’s ‘little book’ might just be the perfect pick-me-up for anyone needing a reminder to take a breath and hang loose.

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