The Dictionary of Lost Words

Book Review: The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams

The Dictionary of Lost Words is a work of historical fiction centred around a girl who finds refuge from life’s tragedies and society’s inequalities in collecting words and their meanings, especially those rejected by a traditional dictionary—the first one of its kind.

History as You Have Never Read It!

Mention the word “history” and it is a fair chance that the first image that will come to your mind will be that of a hefty book, that in most cases than not, is not the easiest to read.

Sherlock, By Others

Arthur Conan Doyle created perhaps the most famous detective in literary history when he introduced the world to Sherlock Holmes in A Study in Scarlet. But it has been a while since Doyle passed away (1930), so the mantle of carrying the Holmes legacy forward has fallen – sometimes officially and sometimes not – to other writers.