What You Are Looking For Is In The Library Tells Us The Might Of Books

Michiko Aoyama’s What You are Looking For Is In The Library is a book that shall be cherished for a long time, writes Amrutha Ramachandrapurapu.

Michiko Aoyama’s What you are looking for is in the library is a book that fills you with hope and warmth. Hope, that someday, we will find what we love, we will find a new purpose, and we will find the courage to pursue what we want. The book presents us with five characters that will stay with us for a long time.

What you are looking for is in the library follows the lives of five amazing characters and stories:

  • Tomoka, 21, works as a sales assistant in womenswear
  • Ryo, 35, works in the accounts department of a furniture manufacturer
  • Natsumi, 40, who was a former magazine editor
  • Hiroya, 30, who’s neither in employment, education, or training
  • Masao, 65, who just retired after working for 42 years

The five main protagonists find their answers in the books that the librarian of the Community House suggests. The whole purpose of them visiting the library is different. They are vividly struck by the books recommended to them. However, it is in those books that they find what they are looking for.

What you are looking for is in the library tells us the might of books. The amount of hope they hold in them is incredible. There is always a lesson, sometimes, the absence of a lesson is the lesson in itself. They hold the power to change lives and perspectives.

To anyone tired in life and lacking contentment, this book is for you. This book will inspire you to take a step and discover what is meant for you. Through this book, we understand how important it is to welcome change. Change is inevitable, nevertheless, it could be beautiful.

The characters are warm, dependable, and beautifully crafted. Michiko Aoyama has truly given us a book that shall be cherished for a long time. Each story will put a huge smile on your face.

Ms. Komachi is the librarian we all love and need. Her recommendations come across as weird but the sheer hope and strength they instill in people is beautiful. Every story has a purpose and the readers are filled with a fuzzy feeling when the book ends. 

Every story starts with an illustration that depicts their life and surroundings. It gives the readers a solid boost to their visualisation. The lives of the characters are distantly related to each other and it comes across as a pleasant surprise when we see characters repeat in the stories. The connection is beautiful and real. As we move forward, as we cherish every blessing, and hope for the best, let’s make sure we make time for looking in the library. We might just find our ray of sunshine. Overall, What you are looking for is in the library is warm, cozy, and enlightening.

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About the Reviewer:

Amrutha Ramachandrapurapu works as an editor and marketing associate in a publishing house. She is also associated with “The Indian Book Club” as their content writer and content designer.
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