Seychelles: 10 Tips to Plan Your Trip Better

Planning a trip to the Seychelles? Here are 10 tips that may come in handy:

#1 Getting There
Located in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles are served by their national carrier and only a few other airlines. It may take an extra hop or two, but you get there.

#2 Visa on Arrival – and it’s FREE
Finally a country has the sense to offer visa on arrival, and not charge any fee. I still can’t figure why countries charge high amounts for visas – the money saved is likely to be spent in the country anyway and would encourage more travellers.

#3 Currency
The local currency is the Seychelles Rupee, and pegged at about 13 Rupees to a US dollar. The exchange rate is more or less no matter where you change money. However, US Dollars and Euros widely accepted everywhere.

#4 Getting Around
Taxis can be a little expensive, but you can rent cars starting at about 40 Euros a day. You also have the options to rent motorcycles, bicycles, boats and even an ox cart. There are limited public buses on main islands like Mahe.

#5 Accommodation
There is an option for all budgets – especially those looking at mid to luxury segments. Pick up a self-catering apartment or villa starting at a hundred Euros usually.

#6 Plan Activities
There are a wide range of activities that you can book with local operators, even at the last minute. Prices are quite similar, and most offer a high quality of service.

#7 Pack for Summers
Temperatures range from 30-32 C (86-90 F) all year round, so pack accordingly. It can be quite humid – you may want to shower more than once a day. Do carry  sun protection, hats, shades etc. at all times.

#8 Buy local SIM for data and calls
Pick one when you land to stay connected through your stay.

#9 Don’t Worry About Safety
Crime and thefts are almost unknown in Seychelles – you will rarely see any cops around. You will always feel safe there.

#10 Enjoy the Food
Seychelles are a delight for foodies – there is something for everyone. And usually with views of the seas and mountains while you eat.

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