Seychelles: The Mating Season of Aldabra Tortoises

You know it is bad manners to peep into bedrooms. You can also get whacked if those within do not like an intrusion of privacy. But Aldabra Tortoises couldn’t be bothered with Peeping Toms – even when they are at their intimate best.

That’s what a couple was like in La Digue, an island in the Seychelles. And what a sight it was!! The man was quite a handful, determined to have his way. Even as the lady kept trying to move off. He was persistent though, keeping pace.

It seemed like hard work for the guy, going by the rhythmic grunting he was letting out – unless these were sounds of pleasure. But it was harder work for the woman – she had to carry a load in excess of 250 kilos. Yes, that’s what these tortoises weigh.

Threesomes are not preferred though – they had another approach but was royally ignored. And when it was all over, the bloke just lay dead. No matter the species, the men always sleep off at the end.

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