Seychelles Carnival: Costumes, Music, Dance – The World Comes Together

If it’s April, you must be in the Seychelles. For its annual carnival where the most colourful and talented from around the world come together.

That’s where I was – shooting and shaking a leg with performers from Brazil, Germany, Mauritius, Reunion Island, South Africa, India, China, South Korea, UK and many other countries where celebration is a way of life. 

Life comes to a pause for two days in the idyllic islands of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean as locals and tourists alike line up the streets of capital Victoria in Mahe island to witness the parades. And to have a good time over food, drinks, shopping and giving themselves a creative makeover too.

You can go to the Seychelles anytime, but there is something special that awaits in April. Have you booked yourself yet? 

TRAVEL TIPS: The carnival takes place in April every year. Check the dates for the next edition before you book. It is not very difficult to get flights and hotels around carnival dates – but this may change as it gets more popular. Expect warm and humid weather all year round. 

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