7 Indian Books With Amazing Opening Lines to Dive Into

Getting lost in a good book is like entering a world of emotions and stories. And often, it all begins with the very first words on the page. Let’s take a peek into the soul of seven novels through their captivating opening lines, each providing a unique window into the tales waiting to be explored.

Inga by Poile Sengupta

Opening Line: “Now when I think of it, my life started that summer when I first told Inga I was going to write a book.”

In Inga, we accompany Rapa through a life intertwined with family secrets and childhood laughter. The narrative unfolds over 40 years, revealing Rapa’s struggles against familial expectations, marriage, and her profound connection with her cousin Inga. This poignant tale becomes a testament to commitment, rejection, and the enduring power of dreams.

The Gallery by Manju Kapur

Opening Line: “A woman stands in the middle of a flat she had helped design and tries to make sense of her life.”

“The Gallery” transports us into the lives of Minal, Ellora, Maitrye, and Tashi, weaving a story of independence, identity, and womanhood set against the backdrop of Delhi and Nepal. Minal’s art gallery becomes a symbol guiding us through three impactful decades of autonomy and constraint, exploring the delicate dance between art and self-expression.

Brotherless Night by V. V. Ganeshananthan

Opening Line: “I recently sent a letter to a terrorist I used to know.”

Join Sashi on a compelling journey in “Brotherless Night,” where the backdrop of a civil war challenges her dream of becoming a doctor. This novel raises questions about choices in turbulent times, offering a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit amidst political struggles.

Inheritance by Balli Kaur Jaswal

Opening Line: “It was an established rule in their household that books – and all documents containing pages and words – were not to be stepped on.”

Disappear into the mystery surrounding Amrit’s transformation in “Inheritance,” where mental illness is delicately portrayed against the backdrop of a family striving to preserve tradition in a changing world.

Strangers to Ourselves by Shashi Deshpande

Opening Line: “There are two passions that govern human life: one is the desire for progeny, the other for a place of one`s own.”

Embark on a journey with Shashi Deshpande’s exploration of an unusual love story in “Strangers to Ourselves,” navigating conflicts, pleasures, and sorrows to unravel the complexities of falling in love with a stranger.

Where God Began by Appadurai Muttulingam

Opening Line: “They had a meeting at home to decide what to do with me.”

“Where God Began” humorously and compassionately reveals Nishant’s journey, shedding light on the challenges faced by refugees during the Sri Lankan civil war. The narrative becomes an exploration of displacement, resilience, and the quest for a place called home.

The Element of Fog by Boudhayan Sen

Opening Line: “Boarding schools are not actually prisons – the families eagerly turn in the inmates and sometimes even pay handsome fees to do so.”

Dive into the hills of mid-90s South India with Suman Ghosh in “The Element of Fog.” The novel crafts a moving love story against the backdrop of a prestigious boarding school, offering a gentle exploration of change and self-discovery.

These opening lines are more than just glimpses; they are invitations to step into worlds where ordinary and extraordinary moments collide. Join us as we delve into the richness woven into each story, connecting with the human experience in these unique narratives.

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