The Book Marketing Girl’s 5 Must Read Books. How Many Have You Read?

Kunzum Review asked Neha Raj, aka The Book Marketing Girl, to give us her top 5 books to read this winter season. Here’s her list:

BookTok/Reels and Bookstagram have single-handedly transformed the publishing landscape across the globe.
Let me put it bluntly: If you ain’t trending on the above platforms, you ain’t selling!
Let me recommend you some of my favourites from the gram!!!

1. Fourth Wing (The Empyrean #1) by Rebecca Yarros
A viral sensation on BookTok, this dragon rider war college tale follows Violet Sorrengail’s struggle for survival in a world where dragon bonds are coveted, and danger lurks at every turn. Basgiath War College becomes a battleground for life or death with escalating threats and hidden secrets.

My favourite quote from the book is:
“Hope is a fickle, dangerous thing. It steals your focus and aims it toward the possibilities instead of keeping it where it belongs—on the probabilities.”
Rebecca Yarros, Fourth Wing

2. Happy Place by Emily Henry
A 2023 Goodreads Choice Awards nominee, this captivating book explores the story of Harriet and Wyn, once the epitome of a perfect couple. Entangled in a web of lies post-breakup, they strive to convince their friends that they’re still a couple, fearing it might disrupt the group dynamic. It is a compelling narrative that delves into love and college friendships.

My favourite quote from the book is:
“Love means constantly saying you’re sorry, and then doing better.”
Emily Henry, Happy Place

3. The Ballad of SongBirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins
Suzanne Collins takes us back in time to explore the origin story of Snow, an eighteen-year-old boy with dreams of becoming a mentor in the Hunger Games. This hypnotic book lures readers back into the magnificently built dystopian world of Panem.

My favourite quote from the book is:
“Well, as they said, it’s not over until the mockingjay sings.”
Suzanne Collins, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

4. Percy Jackson and the Olympians #6 (The Chalice of the Gods) by Rick Riordan
With the TV series adaptation on the horizon, Rick Riordan delivers another eagerly awaited installment. Percy faces new challenges at Alternative High School in New York, embarking on three quests for admission to New Rome University. A hilarious take on Greek mythology with the comedic trio of Percy, Grover, and Annabeth.

5. Divine Rivals (Letters of Enchantment #1) by Rebecca Ross
Competing with Fourth Wing for BookTok glory, this novel follows rival journalists Iris and Roman as they connect amidst familial struggles and the resurgence of warring gods. Exploring romance amidst celestial chaos, this spellbinding narrative keeps readers on the edge.

My favourite quote from the book is:
“I don’t think you realize how strong you are, because sometimes strenght isn’t swords and steel and fire, as we are so often made to believe. Someimes it’s found in quiet, gentle places.”

And that wraps up my Book Tok/Reels and Bookstagram recommendations!
Let me know if I can add any more gems to my TBR.
Until then, happy reading!

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About the author:

Neha Raj, aka The Book Marketing Girl
Founder, Booknerds Author Agency and Co-founder, Booknerds
Neha Raj is the founder of Booknerds Author Agency, a bespoke book marketing and author branding agency that helps authors market their books and create a sustainable author brand.

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