La Digue Island, Seychelles: 7 Things To Do

What can you do on an island that is just 5 kms X 3 kms (3 miles X 2 miles), has about 65 guest houses and hotels, a population of just under 3,000, around 35 motorized vehicles, an ox cart and innumerable bicycles and boats? Answer: Lots. Let us list seven:

#1 The Beaches: The island has a beach at every nook and corner, each clean and beautiful. This includes the Anse Source D’Argent, considered one of the most photographed beaches on the planet. Wonder who was counting? Lounge all day, enjoy your juices, dip into the water whenever you like – the beaches are almost like your private property.

#2 Go snorkelling or diving: The waters are so clear you will want to go in again and again. And get selfies with sea turtles, or go close to the corals. And when you resurface, there are the beaches to barbecue a yummy lunch over a drink of your choice.

#3 Enjoy the boats: Yes, just hire from the many on offer and head out into the sea. Take a private one for just you and your date, or hop onto a shared one.

#4 Go fishing: If fresh is what you prefer, go catch your own fish. And put a meal together for yourself and for your friends.

#5 Say hello to Aldabra Giant Tortoises: They are all over, especially on some of the islands which is their natural home. There are many in reserves where they mostly behave as if in the wild. Including getting romantic even as tourists gawk at them.

#6 Honeymoon, many times over: Yes, Seychelles is the place to come after your vows, or to reignite the spark that was flickering. And La Digue is so suited to couples.

#7: Have a great time: Yes, don’t have a checklist of things to do. Just let yourself free. And have the time of your life.

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