6 Murder Mysteries Written By Indian Authors That You Must Read

Indian writers have made their mark on all genres of writing, and murder mysteries are no exception. Set in various Indian locales, featuring characters and situations that are relatable to Indian readers, these novels are a delight to read. Here’s a list of 6 murder mysteries by Indian writers that you must read.

Grave Intentions by R.V. Raman

Grave Intentions is a highly atmospheric mystery in the detective Harith Athreya series. Set in the Bundelkhand region, where an old legend is haunting the present and hindering an ongoing archaeological expedition, Grave Intentions is perfect for fans of the genre.

The Disappearance of Sally Sequeira by Bhaskar Chattopadhyay

Janardan Maity and Prakash Ray are on holiday in Movim, Goa, when a young girl goes missing. This is the first incident of its kind in the otherwise peaceful village, and as Maity tries to solve the case, layers after layers of deception and deceit come to the forefront. With twists that will leave you shocked, The Disappearance of Sally Sequeira is a book you will not be able to forget soon.

The Fast and the Dead by Anuja Chauhan

The Fast and the Dead is the second book in the ACP Bhavani Singh series where he solves the case of a complex murder in Habba Gali, Bangalore during the Diwali season. With no shortage of suspects and a blooming romance, The Fast and the Dead has something for everyone.

The Bangalore Detectives Club by Harini Nagendra

The Bangalore Detectives Club combines history with a feisty heroine. Set in 1920s, the book features Kaveri, a young bride who solves a case involving Britishers with the encouragement of her husband. Read the book if you like historical details along with an engaging mystery.

The Death of Kirti Kadakia by Meeti Shroff-Shah

Set in the posh Temple Hill area of Mumbai, The Death of Kirti Kadakia sees Radhi Zaveri solve the case of the death of her friend’s father. With relatable characters, undercurrents of humour, and delicious food descriptions, this one is a definite page-turner.

Death in Shambles by Stephen Alter

Death in Shambles has the subtitle “A Hill-Station Mystery” and is set in the small village of Debrakot where retired policeman Lionel Carmichael wants to spend his days in peace. But when murder comes calling nearby, he decides to step in and help the local police solve the crime. The book features beautiful descriptions of the hills during monsoon, and might be the perfect way to escape into the mountains without leaving home.

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