Deadly Detention and High-School Hellscapes: Karen McManus’ “One of Us Is Lying” Trilogy

Detention turns deadly when five students walk in, but only four walk out. Each has a secret, each has a motive. Who poisoned the fifth? And who is lying? Dive into Karen McManus’ “One of Us Is Lying” trilogy, a tangled web of lies, betrayal, and secrets that will keep you guessing until the very last page. This fast-paced Y/A thriller, takes us to the fictional town of Bayview, delivering heart-stopping twists and turns that will make you mistrust everything.

One of Us Is Lying

Simon Kelleher, the knower-of-all, has a bank of dirt on all who attend Bayview High. Simon Kelleher is a dangerous man. Simon Kelleher has been suspiciously poisoned. First in MaManus’ bestselling series, “One of Us Is Lying”, takes us to the cut-throat social grounds of Bayview High, and investigates the four suspect teens attached to the scandalous death. Was it murder? An accident? Or revenge? Secrets simmer as Bronwyn, the brain, Cooper, the athlete, Nate, the rebel, and Addy, the princess, become prime suspects in a case that keeps you guessing. Uncover the truth before it’s too late in Karen McManus’ “One of Us Is Lying,” a heart-pounding mystery with a shocking twist.

One of Us Is Next

A year after a deadly secret shattered Bayview High, the whispers haven’t stopped. A sinister game of truth or dare has emerged, and it targets those closest to the first tragedy. Maeve, Knox, and Phoebe, each with a secret burden to bear, become entangled in a convoluted mess of lies and escalating dares. They must confront their pasts, expose hidden truths, and unmask the puppet master before another life is claimed, proving in Bayview, some secrets are deadlier than the truth itself.

One of Us Is Back

The Bayview crew thought that they’d left their secrets buried. But when a chilling reminder emerges, they’re dragged back into a dangerous game. Splinters of the past fracture the present, and repressed horrors belly-up to the surface. Forced out of the frying pan and into a Hellmouth, the crew must confront terrible truths and fight hard and fast for their lives. An explosive conclusion to a gripping trilogy, Karen McManus’s “One of Us is Back” reminds us that some truths are deadlier than secrets.

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