5 Children’s Cookbooks to Stir Up Some Fun… And a Storm

Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure with your little chefs? Get ready to roll up your sleeves and stir up some fun (and chaos) in the kitchen with Kunzum’s handpicked selection of children’s cookbooks! From tasty treats to healthy eats, there is something deliciously delightful for every budding chef to explore. Not to mention the fact that instead of asking you to make something for them every now and then, they’ll be able to russle up some snacks themselves. Win win for both parties (though you might have to clean up after them).

Children’s First Cookbook by Annabel Karmel

Get ready to unleash your little one’s inner chef with this comprehensive cookbook packed with kid-friendly recipes and step-by-step instructions. From breakfast favourites like scrambled eggs to savory desserts like apple pie, each recipe is designed to empower young cooks to take charge of the kitchen with confidence.

My First Vegetarian Cookbook

Introduce your child to the colourful world of vegetarian cooking with this vibrant cookbook. Packed with easy-to-follow recipes and illustrations, it inspires kids to explore the world of plant-based eating. From fruit-filled smoothie bowls to rainbow sushi bowls, help them embrace the joys of vegetarian cuisine.

The Best Ever Baking Book by Jane Bull

With its colourful pages and easy recipes, this book makes baking a piece of cake for kids of all ages. From gooey chocolate chip cookies to fluffy cupcakes, each recipe is crafted to ignite creativity and be the perfect companion for young aspiring pastry chefs, promising hours of fun and countless batches of delectable delights.

The Best Ever Cake Book

A delightful cake decorating book that turns baking into a magical journey for children. Following step-by-step guides to helpful tips, young bakers would be able to unleash their imagination and create edible masterpieces. Whether it’s a birthday party or random cravings, this is the perfect book to add a sprinkle of sweetness to life’s moments.

The Best Ever Bread Book by Lizzie Munsey

Introduce your kids to the art of bread baking through charming illustrations and simple instructions. From fluffy dinner rolls to crusty baguettes, each recipe is carefully crafted to teach basic baking techniques while sparking creativity in the kitchen. Whether it’s shaping loaves or experimenting with toppings, young bakers will delight in the sense of accomplishment that comes from creating their own homemade breads.

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  1. Who says these books are only for the little ones.
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