It's Time to Buzzzz

Members participate in events and workshops curated specially for them. Where they will meet and learn from storytellers, authors and artists - leading to the discovery of their own creativity. The resulting happiness can only mean balanced and contended personalities, and improved performance in whatever they do.

Everyone is a part of this community – there is no membership fee, nor any mandatory purchases.

Let’s buzz together!

Read. And Earn Your Certificates & Surprise Gifts.

What do Book Bees do? They read. How else do they get to be super smart and creative?

If you are one of these busy bee readers, Kunzum wants to reward you for it. With stripes – blue, green and red. Each milestone gets you these along with a certificate and a surprise gift.

Will you be the first amongst your friends to earn the stripes?

Pick Your Passport to Earn Your Stripes

1. Visit a Kunzum store and pick up your Kunzum passport.
2. Record all the books you purchase (and read) in the passport.
3. You will be awarded a certificate with blue, green and red stripes when you read 20, 40 and 60 books respectively. A surprise gift will come with it!
4. There are no time restrictions for start and end dates. Read at your own pace.
5. Open to young readers – age and choice of books no bar!

That’s it! Did you think reading could be so much fun and rewarding?