5 Illustrated Guides That Will Teach You To ‘Be More’

Dealing with the challenges of modern life can feel like navigating the treacherous terrain of a galaxy far, far away. But fear not, fellow Jedi (and Sith)! This guide explores the lighter side of well-being with a selection of lighthearted illustrated hardcovers. Forget the dark side’s allure (looking at you, “Be More Like Vader”) and embrace the wisdom of laughter and self-compassion with titles like “Be More Like Yoda” and more. So grab your lightsaber (or a comfy reading nook) and join us on a journey to confident joyous living, one witty page at a time. Learn the secrets to resounding inner calm, frightening power, inspiring leadership, everyday positivity and worldly wisdom from some of the most iconic characters in literary and cultural history!

Be More Yoda: Mindful Thinking from a Galaxy Far Far Away by Christian Blauvelt

“Sometimes we live in our heads too much, susceptible to agitated thoughts – even if our minds are not being probed by a bare-chested dark-sider who wears his pants a little too high.”

Blauvelt’s Be More Yoda offers a quick course into serene Jedi balance without putting you through the rigours of Padawan training. Accumulating the wisdom of Star Wars and taking an example from the legendary Master himself, this witty and prescient illustrated guide discloses the secrets to inner calm and inspires you to channel your inner Jedi. Discover how to navigate modern life and its challenges with the same focus and compassion as Yoda, leaving you with a positive impact on the galaxy… or at least your corner of it.

Be More Vader: Assertive Thinking from the Dark Side by Christian Blauvelt

“Shoot for the stars. Dream big! You’re at the start of your brilliant career and the whole galaxy is literally yours for the taking. Be suspicious of anyone attempting to hold you back, even if they are your one true love.”

A tongue-in-cheek guide to navigating the complexities of professional life, drawing inspiration from the iconic Sith Lord, Be More Vader will teach you how to develop a confidently assertive self. Battle difficult colleagues and call upon your inner Kylo Ren as you propel your careers and professional ambitions to new heights. Through humorous twists and legendary Star Wars quotes, Blauvelt’s guide from the Dark Side highlights the infinite benefits of inculcating bold decisiveness, tenacious determination, and a secure sense of self.

Be More Captain America: Lessons in Leadership by Glenn Dakin

“I can’t do this all on my own, but I can do my part.”

Channel your inner hero! Be More Captain America empowers you to stand up for what’s right, cultivate unwavering courage, and lead with integrity, just like the iconic shield-wielding Avenger. Learn to navigate life’s essential hurdles, inspire others, and fight for what you believe in, all while staying true to your values. So, grab your metaphorical shield and embrace the super-suited star-spangled Cap within!

Be More Snoopy: Find Your Happy Dance by Net Gertler

“Happiness is a warm puppy”

“Be More Snoopy” is your playful guide to unleashing your inner cool, inspired by everyone’s favourite beagle. Remember how Snoopy soared above the world as a flying ace, chilled as “Joe Cool,” or simply enjoyed a good ol’ nap? This book captures that same spirit, encouraging you to embrace your passions, chase your dreams, and find joy in the simple things, all with a dash of Snoopy’s signature humour. Rediscover the joy of life through Snoopy’s lens and find your own unique way of finding positivity in the everyday!

Be More Charlie Brown: Find Your Own Worldly Wisdom by Net Gertler

“Charlie Brown just keeps on being Charlie Brown, and it works for him.”

Embrace optimism and perseverance with Be More Charlie Brown. Drawing inspiration from the lovable ‘good-griefing’ Charlie Brown, Gertler’s illustrated guide teaches you how to navigate life’s ups and downs with unwavering determination and a happy-go-lucky attitude that, at the very least, displays a necessary comfort with one’s authentic self. Discover how to approach challenges with Charlie’s signature resilience, always believing “There’s no problem so big that it can’t be run away from”, and learn how to develop worldly wisdom that is best suited to the life you hope to happily lead. 

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