The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse reads: Pestilence, War, Famine, Death by Laura Thalassa

In the chilling landscape of apocalyptic fiction, few figures loom larger than the Four Horsemen. Laura Thalassa’s gripping Y/A series reinvents these horsemen, now pestilence, war, famine, and death, by inserting them into the realm of fantasy and romance. Replete with delicious covers and even better stories, “The Four Horsemen” ventures into a truly evocative territory, weaving an enemies-to-lovers romance that will take you to the four corners of the world. Prepare to gallop alongside us as we delve into these books and explore their portrayal of these legendary figures, their impact on titular characters, and the potential consequences of their devastating arrival.

Book #1: Pestilence

When a luminous and daunting Pestilence comes riding into Sara Burn’s hometown, death seems to be everyone’s inevitable fate. After a fruitless assassination attempt, Burn finds herself to be the unfortunate prisoner of an immortal, sadistic and unfortunately ethereal anti-Christ. With each minute, both plot each other’s demise, and discover, quite inconveniently, their feelings for each other. A dark and twisted supernatural adventure that will seduce, enchant and brutally torment you in one fell swoop, Thalassa’s “Pestilence” is a must-read for any fantasy-romance lover looking for another promising opportunity for delicious despair.

Book #2: War

Jerusalem is burning. With traitors at every turn and all corners made slippery with the gushing blood of countless innocents, the end of days is spelt across the town. War has arrived and Miriam Elmahdy can feel life faint away as she stares into the monstrous visage of the horrifying horseman. Stealing her away to his camp, believing her to be his heaven-ordained wife, War is the terrifying husband who has forced Miriam into a confusing and seemingly worse fate. The choice is simple: love, or stand to watch the ravages of death swallow an entire people.

Book #3: Famine

Ana de Silva knew she’d die soon. Her first opportunity at an untimely death was prevented by a mysterious stranger. And now, it is seemingly here again. So is the stranger. Knife in hand, Famine stabs Silva at the first chance he gets, unwittingly dooming himself to a haunting that is determined to spoil all best-made ungodly plans. Different from others in the series, Thalassa’s “Famine” introduces an additional layer of the supernatural, and offers titular characters a renewed mobility in death. A truly engaging enemies-to-lovers romance, “Famine” checks all the boxes and more!

Book #4: Death

The final book in an extremely binge-able series, Thalassa’s “Death” will truly be the end of your steamy-romance-loving heart. The fourth horseman is immediate, Death killing all upon arrival. Sparing one– the immortal Lazarus Gaumond. Impervious to his touch, free from his gaze, she is the one soul he can’t have and desperately wants to claim. In a final chase between two equally matched opponents, battling against the end of the world, Thalassa’s “Death” takes us to the heights of the ravage, desire and turmoil that is distinct to “The Four Horsemen” series.

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