8 Editions of Alice In Wonderland That Every Child Should Have In Their Collection

Imagine a cake that can make you grow to the size of a house and a drink that can shrink you to the size of an ant. Imagine a cat that can fly, float and disappear into thin air. A man who makes hats but who’s off his rocker and a pair of twins who complete each other’s sentences. Oh, there’s also the Queen of Hearts, who loves yelling, “Off with his head”. You’ll find all of these weird, whacky characters and other things in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, which was first published in 1865 and still remains a literary gem. The book sparked numerous adaptations and interpretations across the globe. The novel takes its readers down a rabbit hole and into the world of fantastical creatures, nonsensical escapades, and dreamlike landscapes.

The Whimsical Universe of Wonderland

Wonderland is a realm where logic hops on the backseat and imagination drives. From the cryptic Cheshire Cat to the eccentric Mad Hatter, each character embodies a unique personality reflecting upon the various facets of human nature and societal absurdities. The Queen of Hearts is the perfect embodiment of arbitrary authority, while the anxious White Rabbit represents the omnipresent fear of time slipping away.

It is these themes that leave an indelible mark on the readers, inspiring our curious minds to question the culture and society we are a part of.

That being said, let’s explore the various editions available for you at Kunzum Books.

Alice in Wonderland - Jubilee edition

Alice in Wonderland: Platinum Jubilee Edition

This is a charming pocket edition published to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign in true wonderland style, with this special edition honoring the two female icons. It contains the full text by the author with vivid illustrations of the original images and is the perfect size to carry the enchanting adventures wherever you go.

Alice in Wonderland: The Original and Unabridged Version

Down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass, choose which one you prefer better because this edition has both! This is a timeless treasure book with beautiful illustrations and nonsensical poems all in one. The best way to explore the wonderland where only the out-of-way happens!

Alice in Wonderland: Ladybird’s First Favourite Tales

This is the hardcover version of the timeless tales for your little one. A perfect introduction to timeless and treasured stories, with amusing pictures and lots of funny rhymes to delight young children. This is the ideal version to read aloud to your kid.

Alice in Wonderland: Baby Classics

The hard paper version is one of the first books for your little one who is learning to read. This is the best edition for a child who is learning to speak new words and is ever curious. Delight your little one with one of the best adventures in history.

Alice in Wonderland: Junior Classics

This edition is an adaptation for young readers ages 8–10, an adventure to keep them spellbound till the very last page. This is a retelling best suited for the age group, with colorful illustrations to spellbound your little one.

Alice in Wonderland: Classic Stories

Open up the world of folklore and fairy tale novels for your young reader. The perfect colorful edition to excite your little one to explore the topsy-turvy Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland: Puffin Collection

The hardcover edition makes you think that very few things are impossible. In this beautifully illustrated version of the Children’s Classics, immerse yourself in the magical journey through the enchanted forest and a quick game with the Queen of Hearts.

Alice in Wonderland: Penguin Classics

Discover Carroll’s original text, presented with vivid illustrations that help take the adventures to a whole different level. This edition offers readers the opportunity to explore Wonderland and delve into its intricacies to gain a better understanding of the historical and cultural context in which the novel was written. Overall, it is a must-have edition for all young and older fans alike.

Tell us in the comments which edition would you like to journey down the rabbit hole with Alice!

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