7 Neil Gaiman’s Children’s Books That Are A Must-Read

Hello young readers,
Have you ever dreamt of chasing milk across time? Wondered what’s behind your old wallpaper? Or behind mysterious families couching suspicious spooky secrets? Ever wondered what it’d be like to be raised by ghosts? If yes, then buckle up because the world of Neil Gaiman’s children’s books is wilder than your wildest imagination!


Are you craving a captivating blend of spooky and whimsical? Then Neil Gaiman’s Coraline is a perfect thrill. Venture with Coraline through a tiny doorway hidden behind old wallpaper that leads to a bizarre parallel world where buttons replace eyes. Coraline’s parents, though seemingly kind, are a little too eager to please. Encounter talking rats, and button-eyed ghosts and escape terrifying Other Mother with the help of a grumpy talking cat. Navigate through the fantastical dangers of the strange new world – just maybe leave the nightlight on.

Fortunately the Milk

What starts as a grocery run to the corner shop morphs into a fantastical time-traveling escapade involving pirates, dinosaurs, and a talking volcano! Enjoy Gaiman’s playful humor while you navigate prehistoric jungles, face off against grumpy pirates, and even have tea with space aliens – all in the pursuit of milk (and, of course, that missing button). “Fortunately, the Milk” is a delightful read-aloud perfect for sparking giggles and encouraging a love for storytelling. The book is a reminder that even the most mundane tasks can lead to extraordinary adventures.

The Graveyard Book

“The Graveyard Book” is not your average ghost story. It’s a heartwarming and imaginative tale about a boy, Nobody Owens, raised by the ghosts and ghouls that reside in a sprawling graveyard. The lyrical and suspenseful prose narrates the heartwarming tale of little Bod who learns about life, death, and friendship in an unorthodox setting, experiencing the thrills and dangers of the human world. If you are looking for a friend to figure out a place where you belong, Bod is the perfect one for you.

M is for Magic

Neil Gaiman’s “M is for Magic” is a collection that acts as a cabinet of curiosities with each story a unique treasure for young adult readers. Unravel the secrets of a family that holds bizarre parties, meet a sinister jack-in-the-box who haunts a young boy’s life, the stray cat who becomes a fierce protector of his adopted family against a monstrous entity. “M is for Magic” is not a light read but surely a captivating one, that warns you of the strange magic that lurks beneath the surface of our world.

The Wolves in the Walls

A beautiful blend of suspense and whimsy, perfect for introducing young readers to a world where imagination meets the touch of spooky. Would you believe Lucy if she told you about the wolves that emerge at night and help her prove them wrong? Immerse yourself in the world of Lucy through dreamlike illustrations with a touch of darkness by McKean.

Chu’s First Day at School

A heartwarming tale of nerves and new friends is the perfect book to calm the preschool jitters. Chu, a rotund and adorable panda, faces a monumental challenge: his first day of school. We see his initial trepidation with wide, worried eyes, then witness his growing curiosity as he explores the classroom and meets his classmates. It’s a beautiful narrative that resonates with every child offering them an alternate perspective with fun and laughter, giving them a sense of belonging. If there is one thing you take from the book, take this, even the biggest sneezes cannot hold friendship back.

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