6 Unique Journals for Mental Health Month

This Mental Health Month, give yourself a journal. A five-minute undertaking that offers emotional clarity, and enables easy identification of all personal moods and patterns, journals are safe spaces and easy mechanisms for true self-help and regulation.  Offering 7 distinct types of journals, some that promote nature time and others that offer ‘a question a day’, or even those that come with daily ‘witticisms’ from the inimitable Austen, these journals just might be the ritual you need.

Dreamer’s Journal: An Illustrated Guide to the Subconscious (The Illuminated Art Series)

Do you have vivid, visceral and often confusing but deeply layered dreams? Then this might be the journal for you. A guided exploration unlike any other, this beautifully illustrated journal by Caitlin Keegan goes beyond dream recording. Filled with artistic interpretations of common symbols, the Dreamer’s Journal sparks your imagination and aids interpretation. Containing prompts that guide your analysis of emotions and recurring themes, its built-in dream dictionary provides quick reference. Check out this vibrant portal to the subconscious, crafted to be a treasured keepsake.

Get Outside: A Journal for Refreshing Your Spirit in Nature

The de-facto ‘go touch some grass’ sign, Get Outside is a guided journal designed to put you in touch with nature’s restorative power. Unlike generic journals that require roomed isolation and bedside introspection, this one goes one step further in refusing to have any blank pages, effectively changing the very process of ‘journaling’. Filled with inspirational quotes and thoughtful prompts that nudge you to reflect on sights, sounds, and smells encountered outdoors, this is your pocket-sized companion for hikes, walks, or simply soaking up the sunshine.  Best understood as a catalyst for a deeper appreciation of the natural world, Get Outside is a ‘drink some water’ reminder for your soul. 

Jane-a-Day: 5-Year Journal with 365 Witticisms by Jane Austen

Calling all Jane Austen Fans! “Jane-a-Day” is a charming 5-year journal infused with the wit and wisdom of the truly and canonically witty Jane Austen. Offering space for daily ruminations and retrospective/forward-looking entries, each allotted space is supplemented by a delightful Austen quote that sparks your reflection. Whether it’s Elizabeth Bennet’s spirited remarks or Mr. Darcy’s brooding pronouncements, these exciting and seriously fun quotes will inspire you to capture the intimacies of your own daily experiences. And since it is a five year journal, at the end of the experience you’d be left with a rich tapestry of memories, interwoven with Austen’s enduring brilliance. Watch your days evolve alongside her characters, and treasure this journal as only a real Austen-aficionado could.

Q&A a Day Tropical: 5-Year Journal

Escape to paradise with the Q&A a Day Tropical: 5-Year Journal, an aesthetic journal for the tropical/beach-hungry individual hopelessly stuck in a metropolitan grind. This vibrant journal uses a simple, daily question-and-answer format to capture your life’s journey over five years. Unlike bulky diaries, it requires just a few minutes each day. But the real beauty lies in its tropical theme. Stunning textile patterns and a touch of island vibes transform reflection into a mini-vacation. It’s the perfect prompt to focus on the positive, jot down happy memories, and create a cherished keepsake to revisit for years to come.

Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy: A Journal

Forget overwhelming self-improvement! Do One Thing Every Day That Makes You Happy is a sunshine-filled journal with a simple mission: spark joy. Everyday. Rejecting guilt-inducing goals – here, it’s about daily doses of happiness. Replete with fun prompts and light-hearted quotes, this journal nudges you to discover what truly brings a smile to an otherwise overcast and monotonous day. From indulging in a favourite hobby to reconnecting with a friend, this journal helps you prioritise small bursts of pleasure, making happiness a daily, practised and prioritised habit, not a distant dream.

My Reading Journal: A Notebook and Diary for Book Lovers

Unleash your inner bibliophile with My Reading Journal, lined with marbled paper, wrapped in emerald green and existent in perfect pocketbook size! This both is and isn’t a logbook. In true ‘entry’ fashion, it offers space to capture your thoughts on finished reads, track your progress, and record your favourite quotes. But that’s not all! This journal boasts curated reading lists for every genre, from heart-stopping thrillers to laugh-out-loud comedies, as well as must-reads with suggested titles from prestigious awards like the Man Booker Prize. A journal that is truly a companion and guide for your literary adventures, My Reading Journal is your one-stop shop for logging, reflecting, and discovering your next great book.

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