6 Powerful Collections of Plays From Across The World (Seagull Editions)

Forget the usual suspects! This collection dives into Seagull’s hidden gems – a treasure trove of plays beyond the canon. Travel the globe without leaving your armchair, from the searing social commentary of Palestinian theatre to the innovative explorations of German playwrights. Each gem offers a unique theatrical experience, bursting with fresh voices and perspectives. Theatre enthusiasts, open your minds and prepare to meet the new!

Three Plays by Elfriede Jalinek

Unflinching and provocative, “Three Plays by Elfriede Jelinek” confronts historical trauma, economic disparity, and the refugee crisis. “Rechnitz” dissects Austria’s Holocaust denial, “The Merchant’s Contracts” satirises the dehumanising world of finance, and “Charges” explores the complex realities of displacement. Jelinek’s bold voice challenges audiences to confront uncomfortable truths.

Loose Screws: Nine New Plays from Poland ed. Dominika Laster

“Loose Screws” dives into contemporary Polish theatre with nine translated plays by rising playwrights. These works grapple with the complexities of post-communist Poland, exploring themes of individual and national identity, social violence, and the impact of globalisation. If you’re looking for a window into modern Polish society and its artistic voice, “Loose Screws” offers a thought-provoking and dramatic exploration.

Comedies by Robert Walser

Walser presents a collection of brilliant, short, playful plays. Though never intended for performance, these “dramolettes” brim with Walser’s signature quirky humour and offbeat observations. They explore themes of love’s absurdity, societal satire, and the human condition, all with a dash of darkness lurking beneath the surface. Dive into Walser’s unique world and discover a treasure trove of comedic gems.

Stories under Occupations and Other Plays from Palestine ed. by Samer Al-Saber

“Stories Under Occupation,” edited by Samer Al-Saber, is an anthology of powerful Palestinian plays created during the Second Intifada. These dramas confront the harsh realities of life under occupation, from displacement and loss to resilience and resistance. The collection offers a unique perspective on Palestinian identity and the ongoing struggle for freedom, showcasing the power of theatre as a platform for activism and self-reflection.

Silence of God by Catherine Filloux

Catherine Filloux’s “Silence of God” confronts the Cambodian genocide through the eyes of a Western journalist. Expect a searing exploration of a nation shattered, the mystery of evil’s rise, and the unsettling truth about bystander complicity. Brace yourself for a powerful drama that challenges faith and compels reflection on humanity’s capacity for both immense cruelty and resilience.

Everything: and Other Performance Texts from Germany ed. by Matt Cornish

“Everything: And Other Performance Texts from Germany,” edited by Matt Cornish, dives into the innovative world of German theatre. Forget traditional plays! This book offers scripts, scenarios, and even recipes used by renowned collectives like Rimini Protokoll and Gob Squad. Prepare for a genre-bending exploration of documentary theatre, live art, and post-dramatic works that push the boundaries of storytelling.

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