6 Evocative Works of Women’s Fiction

From period dramas to rich-people domestic fiction, powerful mythological retellings, vibrant Native American literature and deeply evocative ghost stories, this list of wonderfully new and mesmerising works of women’s fiction contains something for everyone! Inviting you to diversify your shelves and find books for all your women-author-loving moods, these 6 Evocative Titles from Women’s Fiction are sure to seduce, charm and move you with their prose.

Can’t I Go Instead by Lee Geum-yi

Lee Geum-yi’s “Can’t I Go Instead” is a historical saga intertwining the fates of two Korean women during a tumultuous era. The story unfolds through their perspectives, highlighting the vast gulf between a noblewoman’s life and her maidservant. When the nobleman’s daughter faces peril due to her lover’s activism, a life-altering decision is made. Forced into marriage with a Japanese businessman, she finds herself transplanted to America. The narrative follows their journeys, capturing the poignant consequences of war, class, and the enduring strength of the human spirit. Brace yourself for a deeply moving exploration of identity, sacrifice, and the profound impact of historical forces on individual lives.

Pineapple Street by Jenny Jackson

Jackson’s dazzling, quirky and hilarious novel takes you to the cream of New York City families, specifically the enormously wealthy old-money Stocktons. Following three starkly different Brooklyn Heights women, this zeitgeist novel has been lauded as a worthy TBR addition for all fans of rich-people domestic dramas like the ‘Gilded Age’ and ‘White Lotus’. Populated by extremely quotable quippy one-liners, Jackson’s novel explores the vanities, privileges, romances, corruptions and hardships of its deeply idiosyncratic characters, offering a minute analysis that blurs all moral and ethical lines. 

Lilith by Nikki Marmery

Calling all revisionist mythology fans! Marmery evokes a Hebrew retelling of Lilith, Adam’s first, and conveniently forgotten, partner, AKA the First Woman and a revolutionary disobedient– a character we can’t help but love. Subverting the mythological narrative that relegates women to consorts and eternal sidekicks, our illustrious protagonist is expelled from the paradisiacal Garden for her iconic refusal to submit to Adam’s rules. Fortunately, she has already tasted the forbidden fruit before her abrupt expulsion, granting her resounding knowledge and powerful wisdom. Intent on rescuing her replacement, Eve, finding Asherah (God’s wife and equal), and restoring true balance to the universe, Lilith embarks on an ambitious journey that will have readers eagerly tagging along.

Night Side of the River by Jeanette Winterson

Jeanette Winterson weaves a tapestry of haunting tales in “Night Side of the River.” These aren’t your typical ghost stories; Winterson’s masterful prose breathes new life into the genre. From chilling encounters with spectral figures to hauntings born from modern technology, each story resonates with a quiet beauty. Winterson even threads in personal experiences, blurring the line between storyteller and participant. Prepare to be captivated by the brilliance of her writing and the lingering echoes of these unforgettable encounters with the unseen.

Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley

Optioned for a Netflix series adaptation by Obama’s production house, this spell-binding narrative, jacketed by an ornate cover, Boulley’s “Firekeeper’s Daughter” weaves a captivating mystery through the eyes of Daunis, a biracial teen of the Ojibwe tribe (pronounced oh-CHIP-we, a Native American tribe inhabiting the Great Lakes region). Boulley’s storytelling is as thrilling as the secrets Daunis uncovers, but the true marvel lies in the vibrant tapestry of Ojibwe culture she creates. From the star teachings that guide their lives to the medicinal herbs passed down through generations, each tradition, each belief, becomes a brushstroke, painting a breathtaking portrait of a community steeped in resilience and a profound connection to the natural world. As Daunis herself grapples with her heritage, readers are invited to experience the beauty and wisdom of Ojibwe traditions, woven seamlessly into the narrative tapestry.

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