4 Must-Read Mystery Series for Kids

Hello young readers,

Do you crave an adventure, a good puzzle, or a thrilling suspense? Then pick out one of these amazing stories that would not just entertain your kids but encourage critical thinking, observation skills, and problem-solving.
Journey alongside plucky detectives, analyze clues, decipher riddles, and uncover the truth to some of the most captivating mystery series that will keep you turning pages late into the night (with a flashlight, of course!).

So, grab your magnifying glass and detective hat because we’re about to crack open a world of whodunits, thrilling adventures, and unforgettable characters!

The Famous Five

The Famous Five by Enid Blyton is a classic adventure series that whisks you away to idyllic Kirrin Cottage with Julian, Dick, Anne, George (who prefers Georgina!), and their loyal dog Timmy. Each story finds them unraveling mysteries, from smuggling rings to hidden treasure. While some aspects feel dated, the core themes of friendship, courage, and resourcefulness hold strong. Readers young and old will enjoy the fast-paced plots, quirky characters (especially tomboyish George!), and the thrill of cracking the case alongside the Famous Five.

Explorers’ Club by Alex Bell

Buckle up for adventure in Alex Bell’s Explorers’ Club! Stella, a fearless inventor, stumbles upon a hidden world where talking animals and fantastical creatures exist. With her new friends, a grumpy yeti and a chatty squirrel, Stella joins the Explorers’ Club on a thrilling quest. This delightful middle-grade series is packed with humor, heartwarming moments, and exciting expeditions. Readers will race through the pages, captivated by the unique world-building, quirky characters, and the importance of friendship and perseverance.

The Secret Explorers

Crack the code and jet-set with the Secret Explorers! This series is like a real-life spy adventure for kids. Join Ollie, the jungle whiz, and Kiki, the tech genius, on missions that explode with excitement!
Imagine rappelling into rainforests to save orangutans or feeling the earth rumble as you witness a volcano! Each page is packed with action, secret codes to crack, and cool facts you won’t believe. Bonus: “Mission Notes” at the end let you become a super-sleuth yourself. Buckle up, junior explorers – it’s time for a wild ride!

Enola Holmes

Ever wonder what Sherlock Holmes’s little sister is like? Buckle up, because Enola Holmes is a mystery mastermind in her own right! This brainy heroine outwits grown-up villains, disguises herself like a chameleon, and uses secret codes to crack cunning cases. Get ready for thrilling kidnappings, hidden messages, and London adventures that will leave you breathless. With Enola at the helm, every twist and turn is a rollercoaster ride.

So grab your magnifying glass and secret decoder ring – it’s time to join Enola on a detective adventure you won’t forget!

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