4 of Faber’s Fantastic Fictional Fables

Faber’s remarkable short stories collection artfully offers brilliance in brevity. Short square novellas, spanning no more than 60 pages, each ‘Faber Story’ is an exceptional work of short fiction by masters of the literary craft. A worthy collector’s item and a delightfully easy (while often intense) read, these perfectly short tales showcase a wide variety of genres, styles and authorial techniques. Prepare to be transported by the power of the written word within our selection of four concise and compelling narratives that won’t be found anywhere else.

Mr. Salary by Sally Rooney

From the Marxist brilliance of Sally Rooney, a critical and youthful contemporary voice expert in explorations of the human, societal and ephemeralities of everyday emotion, comes a quietly intense novella and hidden gem. Mr. Salary is a 60-page short story that hurls headlong into the belly of grief, desire and fluctuating perceptions of self within the ever-present backdrops of class structure and difference. It narrates the story of Sukie who rushes home to see her dying father but is occupied by the thoughts of an enigmatic older friend Nathan. Rooney packs a punch in this short story, exploring the complex desires and unspoken feelings that simmer beneath the surface of a long friendship, questioning if love can ever truly bloom in the shadow of grief.

The Forester’s Daughter by Claire Keegan

From a brilliant Irish author comes a distinctly Irish story. Keegan’s The Forester’s Daughter takes us deep within the heart of rural Ireland, into the Wicklow countryside, and explores the poignant tension that plagues the Deegan household. Victor Deegan, a stoic forester, surprises his only daughter with a gift of a gun dog. While his wife initially views it with apprehension, the dog becomes a cherished companion for the young girl. As seasons change, the story explores the emotional distance between Victor and his wife, hinting at past secrets that threaten to resurface. The narrative delves into themes of family dynamics, unspoken desires, and the enduring impact of the past, leaving a lasting impression with its evocative prose and subtle emotional depth.

The Shielding of Mr. Forbes by Alan Bennett

British author and Tony-winning playwright, with a career that spans radio, television, literature and film, Alan Bennett’s distinctly humorous and slightly Eeyorish voice is truly worth listening to/reading. In his “The Shielding of Mrs Forbes”, he follows the titular Mrs Forbes, a controlling mother determined to protect her son, Graham, from the harsh realities of the world, including love. Disapproving of his potential girlfriend, deeming her unsuitable, she uncouthly attempts to steer him towards a more “appropriate” partner. The story explores themes of family dynamics, societal expectations, and the complexities of love and control. With his signature wit and subtle social commentary, Bennett unveils the consequences of Mrs. Forbes’ interference, leaving the reader to ponder the true meaning of protecting someone you love.

The Cheater’s Guide to Love by Junot Diaz

Dominican-American author, with an acumen for humour and raw vulnerability that parallels none other, Junot Diaz is perhaps an expert as he writes his “The Cheater’s Guide to Love”– a foray into his turbulent romantic life. Despite intellectual achievements, Yunior, the protagonist, struggles with infidelity and commitment, treating women manipulatively to fulfil his desires. Exploring themes of love, loss, regret, and the consequences of harmful behaviour, the story contains the very best of Diaz’s signature blend of humour, rawness, and cultural exploration.

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