By writing “I am Onir, & I am Gay” noted filmmaker Onir was going beyond just a personal memoir – he was opening the doors to important conversations in our society. He is not the first, nor the last, to speak up openly through the written word – but he sure has been an important catalyst.

And thus his willingness to launch the Kunzum Q List – a LGBTQ themed book club by Kunzum. Where we talk books and things that matter – not just amongst the queer but by including all those who identify themselves in any way they prefer.

Talking Books
Welcome to The Q List, a queer lit club by Kunzum, for the queer, curious & allied literature nerd! Expect queer-focused book discussions, readings, spoken word - and more - all over coffee & cookies!

Format of Interactions
Members would be required to come prepared with any one book that had made an impression on them. Moderators may give advance cues to base their selection on. They would be allowed to speak for exactly two minutes about it, followed by questions from others present. The moderator will ensure all discussion is focused and brief so everyone gets the chance to talk about books they have read.

The club would meet at least once a month in person at a Kunzum outlet convenient to them. The location, date and time would be set up by moderators in consultation with other members.

Meet Authors, Editors, Designers & Other Creators
Kunzum is frequented regularly by those who create wonderful books and art for you. They will be invited to make special appearances when they can at book club meets. Members will also be offered priority access when we host events (like book launches, lit fests etc.) open to a wider audience.

Membership and How to Join
While membership is open to everyone, the moderators may want to know a bit more before admitting you. Trust you understand! You can send a request to join over WhatsApp to +91.8800200280 or mail to

Volunteers from amongst the membership will be entrusted to moderate the sessions, and these may change from time to time.

Staying in Touch
A WhatsApp group has been set up for the group. Only admins are able to post on it. Members will thus receive only limited and relevant updates. Those wishing to send a message to all other members can contact the admin who will post further if suitable.

The link to the WhatsApp group will be shared once your membership is approved.

More to the Book Club
The club need not limit itself to meeting just to discuss books. Plan other fun stuff once you know each other better!