Let’s talk of poetry, positivity, joy of creativity, living in the present moment, books, thought forms, optimism, happiness, freedom, open hearts, open minds, peace, harmony, love, light, healing this planet, healing ourselves and our loved ones.

In other words - a book club for the intellectually inclined, spiritually curious and mentally expansive.

At Soul Mocha – the book club moderated by Meenu Mehrotra, an Author (of seven books herself), a Poet, Archetypal Consultant, Healer / Lightworker and Spiritual Director.

Meenu invites you to join the club so you may connect deeply, laugh loudly and share the stories that make us who we truly are. In her own words: “Join me on this fascinating journey to explore what’s brewing every month apart from Kunzum’s fabulous coffee and (yum cookies).”

Selection of Books to Read

The moderator will recommend a reading list for the month in line with the focus of the club. Members may select one and pick from Kunzum. They may also suggest a title for themselves and others to read if the moderator approves.

Format of Interactions

Members would be required to read one of the recommended books of the month. All attendees would be given an opportunity to speak about what they have read, the significance of the work and their own reflection of it. There would be a 4-minute limit with additional time to respond to questions by others.


The club would meet once a month in person at Kunzum. The location, date and time would be set up by the moderator in consultation with other members.

Meet Authors, Editors, Designers & Other Creators

Kunzum is frequented regularly by those who create wonderful books and art for you. They will be invited to make special appearances when they can at book club meets. Members will also be offered priority access when we host events (like book launches, lit fests etc.) open to a wider audience.

How to Join

Membership is open to anyone. You can send a request to join over WhatsApp to +91.8800200280 or mail to books@kunzum.com. The moderator will get in touch with you soon after that.

About the Moderator

A passionate writer, avid learner and spiritual teacher, Meenu Mehrotra is always ready to explore, discover and push her own boundaries. She has found her calling in reaching out, helping and counselling distressed souls through her written and spoken word. 

“I feel that my varied experiences have given me deep insights into human nature as well as the tenacity, courage, fearlessness and restlessness to aim high. It has also imparted in me an intimate understanding of the frailty of emotions and encouraged me to be an out-of-the-box thinker and push the limits of my imagination which is an essential trait for a writer,” says Meenu.

She has been associated with writing past 33 years. She began her journey as a copywriter working with leading advertising agencies - going on to become a poet, fiction writer and now a spiritual writer. Her articles have appeared in national publications including The Times of India. She holds an Honours degree in English Literature and a Post Graduate diploma in Public Relations and Advertising from YMCA, Delhi. She is a Certified Archetypal Consultant NLP Practitioner, and Angel Card Reader / Tarot Reader.

Books by Meenu

* Lilacs Bloom in My Backyard (2008)
* Sunlit Hearts (2012)
* Notes to the beloved (2021)
* Poetry books: Sounds of Desire, I drank the Moon, Dreamlit Nights and The Moonlit Lake

Connect With Meenu

Blog: https://soulmocha.wordpress.com
Email: meenu.thewriter@gmail.com
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/soul_mocha/
Some Articles Published At: http://www.yourtango.com/experts/meenuthewriter (writes on dating, sex, marital issues, parenting and spiritual empowerment)