What is GO2, or Green Dioxide?

GO2 is the antidote to CO2.

Not literally, of course. It’s more of a call-to-action. Every bit we do to improve the environment is effectively emitting Green Dioxide.

It could be cutting back on consumption, reducing emissions, managing waste, planting trees, improving biodiversity, cleaning up water bodies, eliminating harmful chemicals – there is so much needing to be done to make life on this planet sustainable. Every small and big action matters – by individuals, institutions and administrators.

GO2 can be a metaphor for changed lifestyles to meet the desired objective of reversing the ill-effects of climate change.

Oxygen is everyone’s right, and checking excess generation of CO2 and other greenhouse houses are everyone’s responsibility. GO2 is thus no one’s to own – as an idea, or as a trademark. It is representative of a collective effort to do what is necessary. We need all hands on deck. So ideas and intent may convert to action. To make the difference within the small window of opportunity we still have.