Funding for Environmental Initiatives

Good deeds need resources for effective implementation. We are here to (try and) help – in partnership with the non-profit School of Nature.

Capital for Social Ventures

Are you planning to set up a venture, or already have, with a social or environmental benefit? Do you require capital to get started, or to take the venture to the next level? We can try to arrange the same in the form of loans, equity or even grants. The source of funds can be our own reserves, individual or institutional investors, or crowdfunding.

Grants / Loans for Media Projects: Documentaries, Books & Research

Messaging plays a vital role in any movement. If you have ideas for producing any media – films, books, long form articles, photo features, blogs, social media – that delves deeper into issues confronting us, you may reach out to us for funding. We will try to raise the same in the form of loans or grants.

Funds for Environmental Initiatives

Are you planning a tree plantation drive? Want to educate girls? Putting together an information campaign? Moving court, lobbying for laws to be changed? Installing a waste segregation facility? If you are planning an initiative for a social or environmental at a micro or macro level, and need funds or other resources, talk to us!

Mentoring / Networking

You may or may not funding for your ideas, but everyone can do with mentoring or networking to access the right people and resources. Let us know if you need help on this front, and we can try connect you with those who can add value to your projects.

What’s the First Step?

Send us an executive summary, preferably not longer than two pages, outlining your idea, its objectives, the current status, future plans, and your requirements. And do tell us a bit about yourself too. We will make a preliminary evaluation and revert how we can help.