Kunzum Creators

Kunzum: Let’s Co-Create Content

Stories over coffee – that’s what we have been sharing since our inception. Online, in print, and face-to-face at the Kunzum Travel Café. If you are a creator, Kunzum can be your partner.

What kind of stories are we looking for?
Anything that entertains, informs, makes others think or brings about a change.

What formats can these be in?
Long form can include video (documentaries and films for online, television including OTT and big screen), books (print and electronic) and art (paintings, sketches and photographs). You can also pitch well researched and presented essays, blog series, articles and social media posts.

What is Kunzum’s role?
We can be facilitators, co-producers, publishers and financers. Or provide space for your exhibits and events. You can seek our partnership at any stage – from ideation to taking the creation to market.

What’s the first / next step?
Share your idea or proposal with us – we will review the same and revert with our interest. You can be assured that your ideas will stay confidential and will not be used by anyone in any form whatsoever should we not work together.

Write to us at stories@kunzum.com whenever you are ready!