André Aciman

A Candid Conversation with André Aciman

Most of the people I have met—including myself—slip out of themselves into other things—other beings, other religions, other nationalities, other genders. The borders that have been imposed on us are artificial. I’m not interested in a fanatic; I cannot write one—a person who believes one thing and totally disbelieves all others.

“I Write the Story for Myself”: Arefa Tehsin, Children’s Author | Conversations

Each time a story is told for children, a little nugget of intellectual innocence and truthfulness is added to the world. It swerves humankind towards a more enlightened prospect. Arefa Tehsin has stirred us in this direction quite a few times with her handful of children’s books – The Chirmi Chasers, Amra and the Witch, Globetrotters, Steel of the Jungle God.