Kunzum Bookselling Reimagined Conference 2023


Imagine: A country of 300 million readers (of books).
Reimagine: Bookselling. So we can take the moonshot at these numbers.

That’s the objective of the Kunzum Bookselling Reimagined Conference: To expand readership in society. And to enable authors and publishers market books more effectively.

The only of its kind event in India, stakeholders will come together to share their vision, brainstorm and come up with ideas that work. And then collaborate, bound as we are by the same goals.

Authors, publishers, marketing and communication consultants, retailers, distributors, media, investors and even accountants! Not just from the publishing industry, but others too for lessons that can be adapted for books.

The event will take place at Theatre Kunzum, an extension of Kunzum’s bookstore. What can be a better setting for inspiration and bonding than one with books all around?

Sessions would be structured in the form of keynote addresses, fireside chats, panels, round tables and workshops.

Dates: June 22-23, 2023
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. both days
Location: Kunzum Books, GK2, New Delhi


The deliberations will take place along three different tracks:

ONE: The Vision
We look at the bigger picture: how do we spread the culture of reading in society? We invite leaders from within and beyond the publishing industry to share their vision on how this can be achieved.

TWO: The 4 Ps of Marketing
Philip Kotler’s principles of marketing have stood the test of times across industries. Panels will cover the 4 Ps - Product, Place, Promotion and Price – for participants to get a holistic understanding of what they need to do.

THREE: The ToolBox
Roundtables and workshops for participants to go back with the nuts and bolts of effective marketing. Topics would include personal branding, community building, social media marketing, events, advertising, building a newsletter, PR and more.


Delegate Fee: Rs. 2,000 [Includes vouchers worth Rs. 500 to shop for any books at Kunzum]
Early Bird: Register before June 12, 2023 and get additional shopping vouchers worth Rs. 500.

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* The above includes entry to all sessions at the conference and complimentary tea / coffee with our signature brownie cookies twice a day. There are enough cafes and restaurants in the market should you want a meal.
* All seating would be on a first-come-first-served basis.


We expect to cover the following topics across our various sessions. Detail of each including speakers and time slots will be updated continually.

* The cultural approach to popularising reading in society.
* Big Bang: Learning from other industries on crafting high visibility advertising, media and engagement campaigns.
* Brand Ambassadors: Getting famous people to endorse reading!
* Emulating the OTT and film industry on packaging and marketing products.
* Building a personal brand for authors and other creators
* Public Relations: Pitching to traditional and new media, and influencers.
* Product Matters: What makes for a books that is sellable.
* Omnichannel Distribution: How do you get books to customers through conventional, digital, social and other innovative channels.
* Social Media Marketing: The right approach and strategy to make it work.
* Paid advertising
* Building a community of loyal fans
* The Author’s Voice: Leveraging blogs, newsletters, Medium, Substack and other publishing platforms to build an identity for the individual and their work.
* Events to engage with audiences.
* Case studies on how authors and publishers have created bestsellers.
* Bookshops matter to authors and publishers – and to the culture in general.
* Getting the pricing right when input costs are rising and discounting is eating into margins.
* Content Marketing: Reviews, recommendations, interviews and more for publicity and enabling readers make informed choices.
* Do authors need marketing and brand managers of their own?
* Budget: Finding the money to invest – and the ROI that follows.