Kunzum Bookseller for a Day

If you love books, you might like others to read the ones you recommend. Volunteer to work at a Kunzum bookshop for a day. Interact with customers, curate displays, even organize an author event. In other words, be a bookseller for a day.

How Does It Work? It’s quite simple actually…

When and Where?
Select a location and date suitable to you. You can commit any number of hours on the given day. Consult our team members to figure what slots may work best.

What Will You Do at the Store?
You can just show up and talk to our colleagues to understand how we curate and display books. Give your suggestions while you are at it. When customers come in, you can politely walk up to them and ask if they need any assistance with selection of books.

AND / OR….

You can plan something structured. Like quizzes, on-the-spot writing / art sessions, meetups with authors, lucky draws, best book review competition etc. Our colleagues will assist you with the same.

And then invite your circle of friends, colleagues and acquaintances to be a part of this. Our design team will make attractive invites.

Special Offers for Your Friends
We will make a visit by your guests memorable. Serve them coffee on the house (usually it’s offered only when one buys a book), and gifts when they make a purchase. And some surprises too as feasible.

Something for You
In appreciation of your effort, you can expect a token gift from us. If we see you on the floor more regularly, we could even extend an invitation to be an honorary Kunzum Key member.

Do It Once. And Maybe More Often.
If you enjoyed being a bookseller once, you can do it more often at your convenience. With every visit, you will develop a better understanding of how things work and thus create higher value.

Let’s Start?
Contact Subir Dey at subir.dey@kunzum.com or 98186 87618 to get started. Happy bookselling.