Kunzum Book Fest: Bikaner House, New Delhi – March 24-31, 2022

Kunzum is bringing together authors and readers to talk, what else, books! In an intimate setting at the Bikaner House in central Delhi. There are two main highlights of the event as outlined.


Dates: March 24-31, 2022
Location: The Library (Next to L’Opera), Bikaner House, Near India Gate, New Delhi
Entry: Open to all, no participation fee
WhatsApp: +91.8800200280
Email: books@kunzum.com

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We have curated a selection of titles for you to browse and buy. Choose from thousands of titles till you drop!


We have invited some of the best-loved writers in India to interact with readers.

24 March
3pm – 4.30pm – Manan Kapoor and Suhas Munshi Topic: Kashmir – Travelling Through Time and Beauty
4.30pm – 6pm – Simran Dhir – book: Best Intentions
Session format: Book Reading

25 March
3pm – 4.30pm – Dhruv Nath (book: Funding Your Startup), Akhil Gupta (book: Some Sizes Fit All)
Topic: Making Startups Work: How Have the Rules Changed After the Pandemic?
4.30 – 6pm – Jayshree Sunder (book: Don’t Forget 2004)
Topic – How Did 2004 Change India?

26 March
3pm – 4.30pm – Ruchika Soi (book: Beguiled)
Topic – Staying balanced: Journaling as a tool for mental health
4.30pm – 6pm – Mudita-Chauhan Mubayi and Adittya Nath Mubayi (book: Mythonama)
Session format: Quiz

27 March
Book Launch 12pm – 1.30pm – The Curious Tales from the Desert by Shaguna and Prarthana Gahilote
1.30pm – 3pm – Samir Parikh and Kamna Chhibber (Book: Alone In The Crowd: Overcoming Loneliness of Urban Living)
Topic: Loneliness in a Post-Pandemic World
3pm – 4:30pm – Drum Circle
4.30pm – 6pm – Drum Circle

28 March
3pm – 4.30pm – Varun Duggirala (book: Everything is Out of Syllabus)
Topic: Tweaking the Syllabus: What Does it Take to Include Life in School Education?
4.30 – 6pm – Sayoni Basu and Himanjali Sankar
Topic: Censorship and Children’s Writing

29 March
3pm – 4.30pm – Saikat Majumdar (book: The Middle Finger)
Topic: Finding the Queer in the Flawed Indian Labyrinth
4.30 – 6pm – Talk and classical dance performance by Bhadra Sinha and Gayathri Sharma

30 March
3pm – 4.30pm – Sangeeta Talwar (book: The Two Minute Revolution: The Art of Growing Businesses)
Topic: What Really Is the Art of Growing Businesses?
4.30 – 6pm – Vanita Kohli Khandekar Topic: Foreign Media in India: Who After Murdoch? Are We Still Waiting?

31 March
3pm – 4.30 – Neelesh Kulkarni – book: In the Footsteps of Rama
Topic: The Adventure in Adventure Writing: The Making of In The Footsteps of Rama
4.30pm – 6pm – Deepti Priya Mehrotra (Rupa)
Book reading/Discussion – Her Stories: Indian Women Down the Ages