Book Clubs – Moderators

Love reading? Would you like to moderate a Kunzum Book Club? This is how it works…

Kunzum is setting up multiple book clubs, each with one or more moderators. They will meet once a month usually at a Kunzum outlet to discuss any books as decided mutually.

Click here to see current clubs – page will be updated as more come up.

Why are Kunzum Book Clubs Being Set Up?
To get people to talk more about books, making reading more widespread and thus lead to societal and individual development.

Who are the Moderators?
Those who love reading, have opinions and are comfortable bringing people together are being invited to moderate book clubs. Each club may have one or more moderators.

Moderators will need to commit to hosting one meet-up a month, usually lasting about 90 minutes.

Names of the Book Clubs
The moderators may choose to brand their club as they deem suitable. They can be named after the moderator (like Reese’s Book Club), the genre it covers (say, Science Fiction Book Club), or can be a neutral one (say, Sunflower Book Club).

Who May Join the Clubs?
Readers may sign up for any number of clubs. Invitations will be sent out by moderators and Kunzum. Moderators will reserve the right to decline anyone from joining, or even terminate participation, without assigning any reasons.

Moderators and Members Interact Directly
Members and moderators will interact directly with each other over calls, WhatsApp, email etc. as suitable to them. They will set their own agendas, meeting schedules etc.

The Meet-Ups
Each club would be required to meet at least once a month at a Kunzum store.

Each club can be genre-focused, or can explore different ones. They will discuss one or more books as decided by the moderator in advance. They can even come up with their own formats for the meet; for example, all participants may discuss a different book they have read.

All attendees will be served complimentary coffee / tea with cookies by Kunzum.

Special Guests
Kunzum shall endeavour to invite special guests like authors, editors and designers to the meet-ups in partnership with leading publishers.

Goodies for Moderators
Kunzum will try to show their appreciation for efforts being put in by moderators with gestures like:

– Promote their books (if any).
– Provide review copies when available from publishers.
– Invites to events and community initiatives.
– Use of WiFi and complimentary coffee when they visit Kunzum.

Promotions and Publicity
Each club will be promoted extensively by Kunzum on social media, email, WhatsApp and other direct marketing channels. Paid ads will also be run from time to time. Each club will have its own page on giving a profile of the same, list of moderators and members, event announcements and reports on proceedings of past events.

Kunzum Book Clubs are Non-Commercial
There is no direct exchange of fee / consideration between Kunzum, the moderators and members. Moderators may promote their own books and services, if any, though amongst the group.

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