A culture of reading (books) is vital to individual and societal development; we were driven by contributing our bit to this cause when we founded Kunzum. We have made a start by setting up bookstores where community building is a vital component of our model.

The Kunzum Book Club is an initiative to bring together readers and creators (authors, editors and designers) – and to also explore other art forms. We do not want to limit these to just our stores – we want to expand the footprint by setting up chapters in educational institutions, corporates and residential neighbourhoods.

Chapters: An Overview
Chapters are facilitated by volunteers who themselves love books. Their role and activities are defined below. The broad idea is to collaborate closely with Kunzum for events, access to books, content and more.

Role of Facilitators and Moderators
These are motivated individuals who will enlist members for their chapter in their area of influence and then moderate activities. The scale and frequency will be determined in consultation with members and Kunzum.

Each chapter can have more than one moderator.

Activities at Chapters
Members will get the opportunity to participate in a wide gamut of activities that would include:

* Author interactions over readings, discussions, fests and launches.
* Access to signed editions of books by authors. Kunzum will arrange the same.
* Special deals on books to include discounts, freebies on purchases, early access to new releases etc.
* Invitations to events at Kunzum and other chapters.
* Workshops to boost creativity of members including writing, blogging, photography, filmmaking, art and more.
* Book Fairs and Flea Markets in the form of pop-ups!
* Set up Reading Rooms in their respective locations.
* Other Art and Cultural events.
* Mixers: This is where we bring the social into books. We get together from time to time to talk books, enjoy performances (music, storytelling, standup comics, poetry etc.) and more over snacks and beverages / drinks.

Of course, not all need to be done, nor at the same time. And more ideas would always be welcome and encouraged.

Terms of Membership to Chapters
At the basic level, membership will be free with no purchase obligations. However, certain activities will entail out-of-pocket expenses for which members will have the option to participate at a nominal fee.

Who Can Join Chapters
Membership will naturally be open to those associated with academic institutions (students and faculty), corporates (employees and management) and neighbourhoods (residents).

Chapters would be encouraged to spread the net and allow others to join in too – this will expand diversity of minds in the group, and allow for vibrant conversations.

Inter-Chapter Cooperation
Chapters would be encouraged to invite members of other chapters and the larger Kunzum community to their events when feasible.

While each chapter moderator will keep their members updated on upcoming activities, a selection of these would also be posted centrally by Kunzum on their website, social media, mailers etc. as relevant. This will enable the larger Kunzum community to stay informed and involved.

Where Will Chapter Activities Take Place?
Kunzum organizes regular activities at their stores (currently in Delhi NCR). Chapter members can attend these and also use the outlets convenient to them for their own activities.

As each chapter grows beyond a certain size, they can organize activities in their respective geographical locations. Kunzum will extend any resources and support for the same.

What About non-Delhi Locations?
Kunzum’s own bookstores are currently located in Delhi NCR but we are looking at chapters beyond this region. While availability of authors, other creators and artists and Kunzum’s team members may be a limitation, there are enough other ways to make such chapters vibrant in their own way.

Would You Like to be a Facilitator / Moderator at a Chapter?
Write to books@kunzum.com or WhatsApp +91.8800200280 to see how we can work together.