Kindle: The Book With a Dictionary and Encyclopaedia Built Into It!

One of the biggest challenges one faces while reading a book is coming across words and terms one does not understand. Of course, one can always consult a dictionary for meaning or dig out a reference ebook like an encyclopaedia or a Who’s Who or an atlas to find out more about a particular subject.

52 Books to Read in 2021

Time to pick up a book to read – but which one? Here is a list for 2021 for you – cutting across genres and selected since the beginning of mass publishing.

The Archer: Life in Bow and Arrow Mode

A new book by Paulo Coelho comes with a special sense of anticipation. And trepidation. For unlike most authors, the Brazilian has never allowed himself to be constrained by genre or style.

Euro 2020 Madness: Six Books to Read If You Love Football

Euro 2020 might have come to an end, and football might have gone to Rome instead of coming ‘home’, but that does not mean that football is out of our lives. No way. Thanks to the wonderful world of books, football is literally a few pages away.