Anshu Arora loves her books, has authored her first book recently that should soon see the light of the day, and cares about human emotions and relationships. Thus the name of the book club being moderated by her: Candid Conversations.

Focus of the Book Club

In Anshu’s own words:

“Real lives more than fiction exhilarate me.

 How did one respond to a sequence of events in his/her life, is a contemplation I like to indulge in. What excites me more is how detached other’s view it so differently. I like taking this journey into other's lives. If a peep into real lives, real people and real stories triggers an inquisitiveness in you too, then this is what this book club will do in abundance.

Come join me for some candid conversations about some truly candid stories.”

Selection of Books to Read

The moderator will recommend a reading list for the month that delve into human lives in line with the focus of the club. Members may select one and pick from Kunzum. They may also suggest a title for themselves and others to read if the moderator approves.

Format of Interactions

Members would be required to read one of the recommended books of the month. All attendees would be given an opportunity to speak about what they have read, the significance of the work and their own reflection of it. There would be a 4-minute limit with additional time to respond to questions by others.


The club would meet once a month in person at Kunzum, usually at their Gurgaon outlet. The location, date and time would be set up by the moderator in consultation with other members.

Meet Authors, Editors, Designers & Other Creators

Kunzum is frequented regularly by those who create wonderful books and art for you. They will be invited to make special appearances when they can at book club meets. Members will also be offered priority access when we host events (like book launches, lit fests etc.) open to a wider audience.

How to Join

Membership is open to anyone. You can send a request to join over WhatsApp to +91.8800200280 or mail to The moderator will get in touch with you soon after that.

Connect With Anshu

Instagram: @candid.conversations.thebook