A World of Books With Ajay Jain

Talking books comes naturally to Ajay Jain as an avid reader, an author, a photographer, and founder of Kunzum. And thus the AJ’s Book Club.

Members meet at least once a month, and come prepared with notes on a book that has had an impact on them. They must be ready to field questions too from others!

AJ likes to keep it simple, but you can’t wing it – because we take our books seriously! Even when they make us laugh.

Ajay Jain - Kunzum Books

A Few Essentials

AJ may quiz you after you send your request to join to ensure there is a mutual fit. He will be in touch directly then to discuss schedules and locations of meet-ups, and the agenda for the day. Members will be required to share the book they will be discussing so others come prepared with any questions.

Active participation is important, and missing meetings should be an unavoidable exception. Coffee and tea with Kunzum’s secret signature cookies will be served on the house! We take our books seriously, because they add so much fun and laughter to our lives.