The Kunzum Reading Challenge has been designed to get us to savour the joys and benefits that books bring to our lives. The format allows us to stay on course, living as we are in a world of easy distractions, and also connect with those who value culture.

What does Kunzum bring to the table?
While there is no obligation to buy books from Kunzum to participate in the program, you will get additional benefits if you do. These include discounts, freebies, personalised recommendations from our professional curators, invitations to meet-ups and more; you could even get a chance to meet authors who are proactive at Kunzum.

You can join in from anywhere – not just Delhi NCR
While our bookstores are currently in New Delhi and Gurgaon, you can participate from anywhere in India or even beyond. We will be happy to ship books to you should you order any.

Join the conversations on social media
We will encourage participants to post about books they are reading and any recommendations / reviews on the following social media channels:

* Facebook Group @kunzum
* Twitter @kunzum
* Instagram @kunzum

Contact Us
WhatsApp: +91.8800200280

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