Why Should Women Wear Sexy Lingerie? Certainly Not Just for the Men!

Black coffee for the skin and sexy lingerie for the attitude: if this is how a woman starts her day, you can bet it’s going to end on a high. Men don’t figure in this scheme of things.

Yes, that’s right. If Hunkemoller and Victoria’s Secret depended on women buying their wares to entice and please men, they would have been long out of business. A woman buys seductive innerwear for herself first. As should you!

The word lingerie may literally mean undergarments but that would not be enough for the French; its usage throws up imagery of visually appealing or even erotic clothing. Women took to such fashion from the early twentieth century because they sensed a change in their attitude, and that’s what mattered to them above everything else.

Attitude Matters
Just slipping into a pull-up net bra and lacy and racy panties in front of a mirror are enough for an instant psychological makeover. Her own sense of beauty, empowerment and confidence goes up several notches in that magical moment. It adds that oomph to her personality, no matter her skin colour and body structure. She feel an enhanced level of comfort in her own skin.

Sexy lingerie gives her the edge, an assured sense of self, like stilettoes but for her eyes only.

Loving Their Body
Women love their bodies, more so when they pamper it. Even those who doubt the look of their nude selves cease to when they deck it up with enticing innerwear. Their self-esteem goes up when they feel beautiful inside out. Making them more sure of themselves when dealing with the world at large.

Appealing to Men is Just a Side-Effect
Deep down, most women want to feel turned on for themselves, to feel sexy in their skin – looking irresistible to a man is just a side benefit. And that is the truth.

But one would assume the purpose of stylish lingerie is primarily to turn on the man. His primal instincts are anyway to be attracted towards women, and her appearance determines the turn-on factor. A sexy woman is the ultimate prize for any man, and he himself feels empowered with such successful ‘conquests.’

No matter what the men think, women know one thing: A sense of inner beauty wrapped in sexy lingerie can be a lethal combination, to bring any man down to his knees. It’s not about power play, but each being accorded to their equal place in society.

Conservative No More
Society and its values may have changed significantly over the past few years, but women in India are expected to be coy about their own bodies. They end up not giving importance to their innerwear, and have a modest approach when shopping for it. In fact, they may even feel terrified at the thought of wearing provocative lingerie for the first time. But it is just a matter of crossing this mental barrier for her to realize the magical transformations awaiting.

They are also not aware of what will fit their bodies best and often end up wearing something that may not be suitable. By not discussing their preferences with the sales staff openly, they miss out on valuable advice – especially when it comes to bras. They do not realize that besides not feeling and looking sexy, they also cause discomfort to themselves leading to possible damage.

So Much to Choose From Now
Lingerie can cost just a few bucks but you get what you pay for. Brands like Victoria’s Secret may command a premium, but they know the woman will get more than her money’s worth after donning brands like these.

These brands spoil you for choice too. Bras, panties, camisoles, corsets, thongs – these and other attire are works of art now. The selection criteria is no longer limited to just colour and size but a wider range of fabrics, embellishments, cuts and most importantly, the tease factor! Just look at the bras on offer as an example: push-ups, backless, sports, maximisers, minimisers and more. They can give you the look you want, letting you carry yourself the way you would like to!

Every Day is an Occasion
You don’t have to be selective about lingerie on special occasions like Valentine’s Day or when out on a date. It’s something you choose carefully everyday – because it’s about you, woman. It’s about being besotted and being in love with your own selves!

Lingerie is no longer just a bra and a panty for a woman but a chemise under her formal shirt, a baby doll to use as a slip under her salwar suit. She wears a bralette in the day, and sexy shorts and chemise at night – whether to feel sensual with her man or just with herself.

Lingerie is something a woman should align with her senses. For it is the first piece of clothing she puts on and the last that she takes off. It can well determine what happens with her in-between.

Do you get turned on when you see the collection of lingerie in your closet? If not, it’s time you went shopping, girl!

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