Wellness: 7 Reasons to Focus on it Right Away

Never before has the human race as a whole given a thought to personal health as during the pandemic. While we are all scrambling to keep ourselves from being infected, we should pay all our attention to wellness.

Wellness is not a one-time effort, but a way of life. It covers not just your physical being, but your mental state too. As also your immediate habitat, the world at large and the environment we live in. It’s only when we take care of it all on an ongoing basis can we look forward to a healthy selves.

While there are larger issues at play when it comes to the health of the planet we live in, start with focusing on your personal wellness. This entails a balanced diet, maybe doses of vitamins and supplements, moderate to heavy exercise, creating a happy atmosphere around yourself and making peace with what you have, your aspirations and your ambitions.

Why Should Personal Wellness Matter? Here are 7 Reasons to Get You Thinking:

1. Builds your immunity
Viruses and diseases are waiting to attack you. A healthy you is your first line of defence at keeping any illnesses at bay. And if you do get affected, you will be able to put up a better fight to not just save your life but also cause minimum damage to your body.

2. Lower stress levels
It’s proven – exercise lowers anxieties within. The calmness quotient goes up, preparing you better to tackle what you can change and accepting what you can’t.

3. An attractive you
You radiate when your body is ticking along well. If you spot heads of the opposite sex – or the same for that matter – turning in your direction, don’t be surprised. Some will even want to know you better – and closer. The choices are yours to make.

4. Higher energy
If you feel a spring in your feet, the body raring to go, and the brain ticking away, attribute it to your higher wellness levels. You will find yourself achieving more in the same amount of time, making days seem longer. Nights even more so when you find yourself in the right company – the higher energy levels could give you an elevated libido, delighting your partner.

5. Double positive or double negative
It’s a fact: when you are focusing on your body through exercise and watching what you eat, you take care of yourself even more than usual. You may skip sugary foods for example. But when you are being careless about it, you will let yourself slide even further in the abyss by eating the wrong stuff, maintaining poor sleep hygiene, lazing around and worse. It’s thus either a double-positive or a double-negative.

6. Improves self-confidence
All of the above is great for one’s own sense of worth – giving you the confidence to successfully take on whatever comes your way personally and professionally.

7. Enjoy the fruits of life
We have one life, and it’s finite. And it has so many beautiful and wonderful things to offer. Only a healthy you can really savour it.

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