Unlock Your iPhone While Wearing a Mask With These 7 Steps!

A face mask has become an indispensable part of our existence these days. But covering your face pretty much  leaves you with an unusable FaceID feature on  the iPhone. FaceID is  the feature that allows you to unlock your device when you simply glance at it, using your face as the password. With a face mask, unlocking an iPhone actually becomes a struggle because unlike many Android smartphones, the iPhone does not come with a physical  or artificial fingerprint scanner (most new ones do not, although the iPhone SE 2020 does have a fingerprint scanner) that opens up your phone with a single tap. With FaceID not working when you are masked, you have to go to the age-old method  of putting your passcode in to  unlock your phone. 

Actually, no, you do not.  If you have  an Apple Watch Series  3 or later, you can unlock  your  iPhone with a quick glance. Even if you are wearing a mask. Just follow these seven steps:

● Step 1: Update your gadgets
First things first, you need to update both your iPhone and your Apple Watch to the latest software. Apple recently released iOS 14.5 which is basically  your  ticket to this feature as it  comes with the update.  You also need to  make sure that  your Apple Watch (Series 3 or  later) is also updated to WatchOS 7.4. 

● Step 2: Turn on key features
You now have to make sure certain features that are crucial in this process are also turned on. First make sure you have FaceID feature setup and working on your iPhone. You also have to turn on Passcode and wrist detection on your Apple Watch. To  use this feature, make sure that your Apple Watch is on your wrist and is unlocked. 

● Step 3: Find Settings
Now that you have updated your iPhone and Apple Watch and turned on all the  features necessary to get this thing going, activating the face unlock while you are masked is a simple enough story. Unlock your iPhone and find the Settings app on the device. In the Settings app, tap open the “FaceID and Passcode” option. You will have to  enter  your passcode to get in.

● Step 4: Activate “Unlock with Apple Watch”
Once you have opened the “FaceID and Passcode” window, scroll down to find the “Unlock with Apple Watch” option and tap on the toggle right beside it to turn it green. 

● Step 5: Tap on “Turn on”
You will now get a tiny prompt on your phone explaining how the feature works and asking for your permission to turn it on. Tap on “Turn on” on the message and your feature will get activated. 

● Step 6: Glance at your iPhone
Now  that you have turned on the feature, you can use it by following business as usual. Wake your  iPhone by tapping on it or by picking it up. Now look at your iPhone just as you would while  normally using the FaceID. As the “Unlock with Apple  Watch” feature is on, your iPhone will now detect that you are wearing a mask and will unlock your iPhone. 

● Step 7: Lock your iPhone
If in case  you didn’t mean to unlock your iPhone and it happened accidentally,  you can easily lock your iPhone back that instant. While using the feature, every time you unlock your iPhone you will get a message on  your Apple Watch mentioning that your iPhone has  been unlocked. You will also  get the option to lock your iPhone on your Apple Watch in that  message. You can instantly lock your phone  right then if you didn’t mean to unlock it in the first place. Just remember that your iPhone  will  also require you to put  in your passcode to unlock it after you have locked  your phone using the feature.

Note: The feature will only work while you are wearing a mask, covering your nose and mouth and your Apple Watch.  You cannot use this feature to use Apple Pay or make other transactions. It can be used only to unlock the iPhone.

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