The Kunzum Kindle Guide: Which is the Kindle For You?

There is something magical about e-book readers (we will debate about e-books and paper books some other day). These portable devices allow you to store up to thousands of books and carry them around wherever you go, which is all that matters at the end of the day– having books around whenever you want them. And when it comes to e-readers there is one that absolutely rules the market – the Amazon Kindle. The series of e-readers has revolutionised the way people read and consume books.

In the beginning, picking a Kindle was easy – there was only one model. But that has changed. Today someone looking for a Kindle might get confused between choices and variants. Especially as they all share the fundamental core of a Kindle – an e-ink display, long battery life and the ability to browse and buy thousands of books. Yet they are all different.  So which Kindle  should you go for? Well, let us try to break it down fo you:

All-New Kindle Oasis 10th generation: The Best!
Rs 21,999 onwards

The most premium amongst the Kindle clan, the Kindle Oasis 10th generation was launched back in 2019. This e-reader is as loaded as they come. It comes with a 7-inch display making it one the biggest displays on a Kindle and has  300ppi resolution. It comes with 25 LED-lighting which gives it a visible edge (pun intended) over the last generation Kindle that came with 12-LED lighting. It is also waterproof with IPX 8 rating (if you ever fancy reading underwater, by the poolside  or in a bath) and brings a couple of weeks worth of battery life on a single charge like the last Oasis. It has the same old Oasis design with a  side with some extra grip and dedicated page turn buttons, and looks very slim from the sides, although it is definitely on the wide side.

To make all that reading easy on your eyes, the Kindle Oasis 10th generation brings in automatic brightness control and warmer lighting options. It also comes with 4G support as opposed to 3G support  on the older Kindle Oasis. It is the latest Kindle Oasis and comes with a starting price of Rs. 21,999 for the 8 GB + Wi-Fi variant, which again is a major plus considering the last generation Kindle Oasis had the same price tag.  It is the perfect Kindle for anyone who wants to go all out and experience the most premium e-reading experience that the series has to offer. If budget is not a problem, this is the best!

All-New Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation: The Popular One
Rs 12,999 onwards

Sitting pretty between the two extremes (premium and affordable) is the most popular Kindle of them all, the Kindle Paperwhite. It comes with a slightly smaller 6 inch display as compared to the Oasis but has the same pixel density of 300ppi which makes it a definite step up from the base model which has a lower pixel density but same sized display. As a result you get sharper illustrations and fonts. It has 5 LEDs in front for lighting – not Oasis class, but still very good and more than adequate for reading in the dark.

It comes with 4G support, has an IPX 8 rating which makes it waterproof and offers close to two weeks worth of battery life. It even has a 16 GB variant which means you can carry a library around with you on that tiny device. It lacks the design finesse that the Oasis comes with but it will burn a shallower hole in your pocket with the price tag of Rs. 12,999 for the 8 GB + Wi-Fi model. If you are simply fond of reading and do not really want the design and style of the Oasis, this is the perfect reading partner for you.

Kindle Paperwhite 7th Generation: The Able Veteran
Rs 10,999 onwards

It may not be the latest and greatest (actually, it is the oldest in the list) but the Kindle Paperwhite 7th generation has the ability to satiate your reading hunger without leaving you completely broke.  And that may be the reason why it is one of the highest selling Kindles around. It also has a 6 inch display with 300 ppi density like the 10th generation Paperwhite and shares similar battery life of around two weeks.  That said, it is a slightly dated version of the Paperwhite and it reflects in its list of features and functions. It has 4 LED lights on the front as opposed to 5 on the 10th generation Kindle. It also does not bring waterproofing to the mix and lacks 4G support as well. The display of the Paperwhite 7th generation Kindle is slightly recessed which might not sit well with some, who prefer it flush with the rest of the body. But if you can look past all that, the price tag of the e-reader might make it worth your money. It comes with a starting price of Rs. 10,999 for the 4GB+ Wi-Fi variant. Although we think the real deal is the 4GB + Wi-Fi + 3G version which costs Rs. 13,999 (the 10th generation one with 4G is priced at Rs 17,999). It is a more affordable version of the new Paperwhite, minus some of the bells and whistles on that one, but with a more affordable price tag.

All-New Kindle 10th Generation: Sheer Value for Money
Rs 7,999 onwards

It is the lightest Kindle out there, both in your hands and on your wallet, making it  perfect for those taking baby steps in the e-reading world and for those on a tight budget. Weighing 174 grams, the base Kindle is so light that you can hold it for hours and keep diving deeper in your books.  It comes with a 6 inch e-ink display with 167 ppi. That pixel density is low and can be a little problematic when it comes to illustrations and pictures but is good enough for reading. It is front-lit which means you can read even in the dark, as in other Kindles.

Its affordable price tag however does come with its series of compromises – there is no support for 4G or 3G which means you can only count on Wi-Fi, and there is also no waterproofing. The battery life on the device is also lower than the other Kindles as it can last for anywhere between seven to ten days depending on your usage. It also only comes with 4 GB storage – mind you,  stick to books with limited illustrations and that 4 GB storage is likely to go a long way too. All said and done, this is the Kindle for those wanting the Kindle experience at a minimum price;  It costs Rs. 7,999 and will get you going in the e-reading world without too much hassle.

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